Types of Makeup Men Love

makeup tricksYou can turn the makeup art into a real tool of seduction, which will certainly drive men crazy. Makeup is very important to women; it shows that you take care of your body, especially if it’s done properly. Men know, better than anyone else, what kind of makeup improves a woman’s look and which one “scares” them. If you want to ask someone for a date or to twist your partner`s mind, we present you a few types of makeup:

Smokey Eyes

A woman that wears this makeup style is impossible to pass unnoticed. This type o makeup brings out the color in your eyes. To achieve this look it isn’t necessary to use the black eye shadow. To create the impression that you have bigger eyes, you can try a little trick: go further than the eye line to create that “cat eyes” look. After you apply the eye color, use black eyeliner or liquid black eyeliner, or any color you want, preferably a dark one. I’d go with the liquid eyeliner to draw a straight line and you can draw even a tail to create the impression of bigger eyes, but you can also use the eyeliner to line the upper eyelid.

Then use the same shade of eye color which you used on the upper eyelid and draw a line at the base of the eyelashes of the inferior eyelid. The eyeliner will spread, thus giving intensity to the eye color. Choose a shade of gray pearl and start right from the point at which the applied eye color finished on the upper lid – mix and spread it slowly on the eye arcade. Try to mix the two shades as good as possible in order to make unnoticeable the transition from one to another.

Colors to Get Full and Sensual Lips

Besides the smoky makeup, a woman’s lips can catch instantly a man’s eye, especially with their color. That`s why, the lipstick and the lip gloss that you choose must stand up to his expectations.

Choose a daring shade lipstick, that has to look good, but also make sure it moisturizes your lips. You can vote for a red, burgundy or pink lipstick. They offer your lips a certain sensuality to which few men can resist. Most men are not attracted by sparkling and sticky lips.

Consequently choose a creamy lipstick that offers your lips a healthy look and doesn’t dry up. For a natural look apply a higher quantity of lipstick in the center part of the lips and spread it starting from there. At the same time, it will give the impression of fleshy lips.

Get Thicker and Longer Eyelashes

The eyes must also be brought into light, and how otherwise to achieve this than by some long and seductive eyelashes. That`s why you have to make sure that your eyelashes are well lined. In order to create the impression of long, thick eyelashes, it isn’t necessary to use fake eyelashes. It’s enough to use mascara for volume and length.

In order to create the impression of thick eyelashes choose black, creamy eyeliner and apply it on the eyelashes.  By touching easily the eyelashes with the brush, it will give a more intense color and will create the impression of thicker eyelashes. Draw then a thin line of liquid eyeliner on the upper eyelid, right at the bottom of the eyelashes.

Then, apply the mascara. You should apply no more than two layers of mascara. Otherwise you will risk to load your eyelashes and their look won`t be quite as pleasant as you think.

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