TRU Airbrush Makeup Kit Review

TRU Airbrush Makeup KitTRU Airbrush Makeup Kit Review

Airbrush makeup can give you various benefits that you cannot get from traditional makeup. It can last for several hours, and it can also provide you superb coverage that can cover not only acne or scars, but also tattoos and other skin imperfections. This explains why there are many women who are willing to splurge to have their own airbrush makeup kit. Depending on the brand, there are even airbrush makeup systems that are sweat and water-resistant. There are many airbrush makeup systems to choose from as well as a variety of brands. One product that you can try is the TRU Airbrush Makeup Kit.

About TRU Airbrush Makeup Kit

TRU Airbrush Makeup Kit BagWhen buying any makeup, it’s important to take a look at the product formulation. Every person differs when it comes to their skin type. Some have skin that may tend to get really dry or oily, and some have sensitive skin. If you happen to have sensitive skin, you can still use airbrush makeup. There are products like TRU Airbrush Makeup Kit that are mineral based. This brand is made in the United States, and it makes use of cruelty-free product formulation. Unlike other products that can be quite irritating for the skin, this makeup kit does not have harmful substances. It is specifically created for those who have sensitive skin.

As a water- and mineral-based makeup, you can have flawless coverage that can last for more than 18 hours. Airbrush makeup is nice because you do not have to do touchups, and the makeup gives you amazing coverage that does not harm the skin. The brand uses soy protein, which serves as a firming ingredient that tightens the skin. In addition, it can also conceal scars, spots and acne. There are no ingredients like gluten, silicone, parabens, alcohol or other preservatives. After application, it gives you a matte finish.


  1. Kit comes with: 2 shades of 0.50 oz. foundations, 0.5oz of our popular Vintage Rose, deluxe travel bag, compressor and lifetime limited warranty on kit
  2. Choose from five different colors to suit your skin tone
  3. Hypoallergenic, non-comedogenic (won’t clog your pores)
  4. Natural preservative all FDA approved ingredients
  5. No synthetic fragrance
  6. Free from: silicone, gluten, parabens, oils, sulfates, alcohol, artificial pigments or dyes, nanoparticles, phthalates, GMO’s bismuth oxychloride
  7. Even safe for post surgical procedures
  8. Breathable

Color Match Guide


  • Perfect for those who have acne-prone skin and those who have sensitive skin conditions
  • Product formulation does not contain harmful substances since it is mineral- and water-based
  • Gives you a matte finish, which is good for those who have oily skin
  • TRU Airbrush Makeup Kit does not require touchups
  • Can last for several hours without wearing off easily
  • Can perfectly conceal acne, scars, spots, etc.
  • Also works as anti-aging makeup


  • Does not have any negative comment about the brand
TRU Airbrush Makeup Comparison

Get it now – TRU Airbrush Makeup Kit-Mineral and Water Based (Light/Medium) – $149.00


The TRU Airbrush Makeup Kit is a good choice for those who have sensitive skin or who want a more natural makeup for their face. Even makeups that claim to be natural often contain questionable ingredients, but you won’t find that with this brand. This is a great product that is healthy for your skin and body. However, there are other airbrush makeup kits available from other brands. Let’s look at a couple to compare.


For professional artists, one of the best brands is the Dinair Airbrush Makeup System. What makes this a widely a popular choice? For one, the brand is one of the original makers of airbrush makeup. Second, it gives you a wide range of shades that perfectly suit your skin tone along with other shades you might need if you’re using it for clients. The Dinair system is very easy to use and apply to your skin. You also get to customize your makeup palette, so you have almost everything you need. The pro set comes with 16 shades of foundation, blush, eye shadow, eyeliner stencil set, corrective concealer and moisturizer. The kit also comes with a free instructional guide and DVD that you can use to learn the different tips and techniques for applying the Dinair airbrush makeup. The only downside is that this kit is a bit expensive.

If you are looking for a low cost kit, the Art of Air Airbrush Makeup Kit is a good choice. With its quiet airbrush compressor, you get an efficient and easy to use airbrush makeup that can give you flawless, natural coverage. Although it does not give you a broad range of shades, you will not have a hard time finding the right shade for your skin tone. In terms of coverage, the product lasts for hours. When you purchase the Art of Air Airbrush Makeup Kit, you get several other items to complete your makeup like blush, bronzer, moisturizer, highlighter, bag and compressor system. Cleaning the whole kit is also easy since it comes with an airbrush cleaner.


All of these three are good choices of airbrush makeup brands. The Art of Air is a good buy, but it has some downsides since there are customers who encountered problems in using the kit. The other choice, which is the Dinair Airbrush Makeup System, is much more suitable for professional makeup artists. If you are looking for a larger kit that provides all of the makeup items you need for multiple clients, you can choose this brand. You can choose among a wide array of shades depending on your needs. But if you are just looking for an individual starter kit, this might not be the best choice, especially since it is a bit pricey.

The TRU Airbrush Makeup Kit is really the best choice to get you started on airbrush makeup, especially if you have sensitive skin or are worried about all of the harsh chemicals and substances that can be found in most makeup and body products. We know that there are many women who have been suffering from acne and highly sensitive skin conditions. Other brands can give you premium quality as far as look goes, but since you have to factor in the product formulation, you should be extremely careful with the makeup that you apply on your skin. In this case, the TRU Airbrush Makeup Kit is the one that can deliver what you need. It is proven to be safe, plus all of the ingredients are FDA approved.