Top 5 Best Fan Brushes

fan brushFan brushes aren’t the typical brush you’d find in the average woman’s makeup counter, but are possibly the most underrated brush within the beauty world. So why do you need them at all? As we breakdown the best fan brushes currently on the market, you’d be surprised to find that the fan brush can replace just about every daily makeup brush you have. These top fan brushes offer a lighter hand at makeup, perfect for everyday natural application, and for airbrushed-like results.

After browsing through these beloved fan brushes you’ll want to run, not walk, to your nearest beauty supply store.

MAKE UP FOR EVER 134 Large Powder Fan Brush

best fan brushThe Make Up For Ever brush collection was five years in the making until their brush fiber experts finally released their artisan brushes that have since revolutionized the makeup brush market. The brush fibers, though not real hair, replicate the soft, flexible texture of natural hair bristles. The 134 Large Powder Fan Brush has been tested over 50 times by Make Up For Ever’s craftsman team and has also been given the seal of approval by consumers, easily making it the best fan brush you’ll be able to find.

This oversized fan-shaped brush with synthetic bristles is perfect for highlighting and sculpting with powder, brushes, and bronzers,

The 134 Large Powder Fan Brush has quickly become a cult favorite for its flawless and super-soft makeup application, leaving all other powder brushes in its dust. This uniquely shaped brush features wavy fibers that can be used with loose and compact powders. The wood handles add a touch of eco-consciousness to the brush and ease of use. Though fan brushes typically have a lighter touch, this fan brush allows you to gradually layer on the product and picks up just the right amount of product with each application.

Make Up For Ever 120 Medium Powder Fan Brush $31.00

2-fan-brushOf course, we have to mention yet another brush in the Make Up For Ever artisan brush collection. While this smaller brush does a different beauty trick, it’s still just as great as its larger counterpart. The 120 Medium Powder Fan Brush is one of the top fan brushes because of its ability to flawlessly and delicately perfect highlighter and powder.

Though this fan-shaped brush is also great at removing any excess powder, it’s perfect for highlighting areas–as we said before. This straight and wavy fiber brush is truly a makeup-lover’s dream, especially if you love creating whimsical, airy looks since the 120 Medium is perfect for diffusing harsh blush lines and controlling product application. This iconic fan-shaped brush truly delivers in its unique capabilities to provide artistic results for the woman who loves trying new trends with her makeup.

Like the 134 Large Powder Brush, the medium fan brush has been tested over 50 times for quality control and reflects Make Up For Ever team’s beautiful craftsmanship.

Sephora Collection Pro Visionary Highlighting Fan Brush $38.00

sephora fan brushThis Sephora Collection Pro Visionary Highlighting fan brush is still an investment piece even though it isn’t exactly brand name. Yes, this brush is one of the top fan brushes available, but it is one of tools that involves practice in order to truly achieve the desired results. The grip of the brush will also take some getting used to, because it is tapered from the tip to the base of the brush. Because this brush is specifically made for highlighting, it can’t be expected to perform as a blush or powder foundation brush. The Pro Visionary’s light and luxurious bristles allow for smooth yet subtle highlighting powder application. It can be used on both the face and the body.

As for the background of this highlighting brush, the Pro Visionary fan brush was designed by French designer Philippe Di Me. His goal was to mix contemporary design with everyday usability, and it seems that he was able to achieve just that. Overall, this brush’s softness can’t be beat, its ideal for eyeshadow fallout, and is equally as good for lighter makeup application. Plus, not stray bristles in sight!

IT Brushes for Ulta Heavenly Luxe Mega Fat Fan Brush $48.00

it fan brushThe Luxe Mega fan brush from ULTA is certainly the most heavenly and plush fan brush you’ll find. This perfect tool provides flawless, silky, and luxurious application within a few soft strokes. It is meant for anyone who has been searching for the perfect tool to truly give your bronzer that airbrushed look. Not to mention using this brush is like “brush therapy” because the soft feel of the bristles is so heavenly to the touch. The Luxe Mega fan brush is one of the best because it truly is unlike any other and provides a recognizable airbrushed finish that is almost incomparable.

Most importantly, for those who avoid any animal-based products, you’ll be interested to know that this 100% synthetic bristle brush completely aligns with a vegan lifestyle. The best thing about these synthetic fibers is that they aren’t as rough as natural hair brushes and they sincerely win the award for the softest bristles. Because of the way this brush’s bristles pick up powder, a little goes a long way, saving you both time and money on constantly buying new product or refills.

IT Brushes for Ulta Velvet Luxe the Empress Fan Brush #324 $48.00

it makeup brushesThe Velvet Luxe brush is one of those fan brushes that you simply want to run along your skin all day long, whether or not you’re applying makeup! This ULTA exclusive was designed for the woman with multiple beauty powder needs in mind. It can be used for both the face and the body as it elegantly and plushly glides along a woman’s decolletage and facial features. The Luxe brush is truly velvet to the touch and its beautiful and elegant design is definitely a sleek addition to add to your makeup vanity. The brush pairs well with almost any powder and applies powder to the face and body seamlessly. In one sweeping motion, you have the control and ability to apply your favorite bronzer, foundation powder, or blush in any way you please.

Like all the other brushes in this best fan brush category, the Luxe brush is made of super soft, synthetic hairs. The logo was exclusively designed for ULTA’s brand, which doesn’t affect the use of the brush, but certainly add a great and inspirational aesthetic for users. Additionally, the streamlined handle is actually weighted, which allows for super controlled applications and then delivers a truly unique and user-friendly overall experience.

This multifunctional brush, though it tops the list as one of the most pricey, it also rounds out our list–quickly becoming a cult favorite in the beauty brush realm. Still, there are so many more beauty brushes like this on the market and in the larger scheme of things, a $48 investment is nothing compared to the perfected makeup application for years to come

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