Top 5 Best Bronzer Brushes

bronzer brush1Yes, you need the perfect bronzer to perfect that sunkissed glow, but bronzer is nothing without the perfect applicator. Here are the best bronzer brushes currently on the market that will make you look like a regular beach-goer.

The Best Bronzer Brushes

Tom Ford Bronzer Brush

the best bronzer brushThis Tom Ford brush certainly has a shocking price tag, but has proven to produce even more shocking results. This brush ranks as one of the most expensive, yet is one of the best bronzer brushes available today. We wouldn’t expect anything less from Tom Ford.

The brush features a plush, natural head with pillowy bristles that picks up the optimal amount of product and then evenly disperses bronzer onto key facial areas. The Tom Ford brush has a thicker handle that helps balance the weight of the brush and makes targeted application that much easier. If you’re searching for a bronzing brush that will seamlessly pull together that sunkissed look, then its best to save up for this particular brush. What may make the sticker shock a bit better is the fact that this brush can also double as a face blending tool that will smooth away any powdery lines or harsh contouring.

With that said, if a flawless face is your goal each morning, it may be worth the splurge for this elegantly designed brush.

Bronzer Makeup Kabuki Brush By New8Beauty

bronzer brushesIn stark contrast to the high price tag of the previous brush, this one was made with the budget-conscious beauty maven in mind. The New8Beauty brush is another one of the best bronzer brushes that boasts such great quality that even makeup artists are raving about this inexpensive yet effective brush. Though it can also be used as a foundation applicator, this kabuki brush can also be used when applying bronzer. It’s perfect for all consistencies of bronzer and provides a smooth, blended finish so you don’t have to worry about any harsh lines.

This brush also features ultra soft synthetic bristles and is also vegan friendly for those who strive to buy eco-conscious makeup products. However, for those who enjoy a greater and fuller set of bristles, this may not be the tool for you. This brush, though able to seamlessly blend in product, is also for those who like to create strong makeup looks. The shorter bristles don’t spread apart as much as longer, plusher bristles, allowing this brush to precisely apply color.

Laura Mercier Bronzer Brush

laura mercier bronzerLaura Mercier is a classic go-to USA staple that produces one of the most beloved and best bronzer brushes at a relatively low price tag. The LM bronzer brush was created to accentuate a natural tan with full, round bristles that evenly distribute color for a smooth and even finish. Truth be told, this brush is ridiculously soft. It glides softly along the face and appropriately applies product to the desired areas.

This pliable brush is perfect for those who like a subtly sunkissed skin to incorporate into their daily makeup look. The brush is not necessarily intended for contouring, but it seamlessly applies bronzer over delicate areas and provides a natural looking glow. The brushes’ short handle length of 4 ¾” makes application easier to control.

Bobbi Brown Bronzer Brush

bobbi brown brushesBobbi Brown boasts yet another must-have bronzer brush that now features luxuriously soft bristles and a more rounded brush head to provide smoother bronzer application. The rounded brush head certainly makes for good for light coverage of bronzer or blush, definitely not for those who like to pile on the bronzer by contouring. The brush bristles are also incredibly soft and the handle is a great length for control and accurate application. . it’s softer than shu uemura 18R brush which i have been using.

Again, this top bronzer brush was made for everyday makeup looks in mind. The bristles do tend to fan out upon use, which means color will be more subtle and may need to be layered a few times to get the accurate level of bronzer.

Trish McEvoy Angled Contour Brush #65

Trish McEvoy Angled Contour-BrushTrish McEvoy’s handcrafted, durable Brush #65 is precision cut and diagonally shaped to expertly place and blend color on the contours of the face that effortlessly sculpts the cheekbones and other prominent areas. This top bronzer brush is definitely intended for evening makeup looks or for those who truly want to make an impression with their beauty routine. Upon application the brush should be softly pressed into the skin in circular motions, gently layering on the color one swipe at a time.

Though it is technically a contouring brush, the high quality goat hair bristles and angled shape of the brush head will give the user a distinct look. The white goat hair is soft and fluffy, but still dense enough to deliver a more targeted application. Of course, this brush is not vegan friendly, so be aware of the materials used.

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