Tips to Have a Perfect Makeup in 5 Minutes

Makeup tipsTop 10 Useful Makeup Tips.

As a woman, you know that time can be your enemy. You must admit it that it has happened to you at least once to wake up later in the morning and not to have the time for makeup or to be suddenly invited to a romantic date and not to have the time to freshen up your look. From now on, there is no reason for you to complain anymore – thanks to our makeup tips, you can have an exceptional makeup ready in just 5 minutes.

Let`s cheat a little bit, for starters, in order to ease the makeup application and to save time. The skin must be cleaned and exfoliated, because the product will “sit” better on the skin if the layer of dead cells is removed. Do not apply the scrub before the makeup, because you can have a reddened skin. Therefore, use this trick a few hours before the makeup.

Here are some quick and easy makeup tips for you:

1. Prepare an emergency makeup set

It is always good to have at hand an emergency makeup set; this means to have prepared those products that save you from any unpleasant situation: primer, neutral eye color, a foundation that is easy to apply, a blush, an eyebrow liner, eyeliner and a lip gloss. This set will help you save time and have everything ready to go.

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2. Apply the foundation

The first step in obtaining a sensational makeup in just 5 minutes is to apply a makeup base on the skin. This will allow the foundation and the powder to set and will help the makeup last longer.

3. Apply the foundation with a brush

Apply a layer of foundation in a shade to match your skin tone. A foundation with a too dark shade can make you waste precious time and you will not get the desired makeup. You must know that this step consumes most of the time out of those 5 minutes we’ve mentioned.

4. Hide the dark circles

The dark circles can ruin the whole makeup, so try hiding them. It doesn`t take you more than 20 seconds to apply a tiny quantity of concealer and to even it with the tip of the finger. This will help brighten the skin and you will look more rested.

5. Fix your foundation with powder

If you have a dry skin complexion, skip this step. If you have a regular skin complexion or with a tendency of becoming oily, set your foundation with a translucent powder.

6. Blush yourself with pink blush

An exceptional makeup needs the delicate touch of a pink blush on the cheek. This will add highlight to the cheekbones and will make you look fresh.

7. Use a neutral eye color

Since you don`t have too much time at your disposal to achieve a complex makeup, but in the same time you want look exceptional , the most suitable thing would be to use a neutral eye color (beige, light brown). Apply it without intensifying its color.

8. Underline your eyes

The eyes are the first to draw the attention so give them what is suitable for them. Underline them with black eyeliner and apply a mascara layer.

9. Give a shape to your eyebrows.

For a complete and exceptional makeup, give a shape to your eyebrows. Fill in the empty spaces and brush them. It’s an easy trick for having a makeup that highlights your facial features.

10. Apply gloss on your lips

You couldn`t complete an exceptional makeup without a drop of gloss on your lips.

Take note of these easy tricks and you too will obtain too an impeccable makeup in less than 5 minutes.