The Best Foundation Brush

Which is the best foundation brush and when do we use a foundation brush?

best foundation brushAs the name suggests, foundation is the first makeup product that we apply on our faces, as it evens our skin tone and acts as a base for the rest of our products.

For a perfect finish we need a perfect start and this can be reached only by using the right instrument to apply the foundation – not your fingers, nor a sponge, but a brush.

You need a quality brush that will blend the foundation flawlessly without leaving lines or streaks behind, just perfect looking skin! I’ve chosen to review what I believe to be the 3 best foundation brushes that are on the market right now. Enjoy!

The Best Foundation Brush

Foundation BrushHair

Revlon Foundation Brush

revlon foundation

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EcoTools Flat Foundation Brush


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Sigma Foundation - F60

foundation brush

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1. Revlon Foundation Brush

revlon imageThe bristles of this brush are both natural (at the base) and synthetic (at the tip).

The handle is long and is made of birch wood. The brush is flat, tri-toned and wide. These characteristics ensure you a precise application, complete coverage, and a natural look.

It is recommended for cream and liquid foundations. As a special feature, the brush also contains Vitamin A, Vitamin C and Vitamin E.

The Revlon Foundation Brush is thick and tapered, which is a shape that helps you apply foundation quickly. It is easy to clean and the bristles remain soft even after washing. You can also use this brush to apply highlighting powder.

The hairs do not shed and they do not leave a streaky finish on your face, as it easily blends your foundation into your skin. The brush is soft and with it you only need a little bit of product to cover your face, so you won’t need to buy foundation as often.

The Revlon Foundation Brush is fairly stiff and not particularly flexible, so that it won’t bend that much during the application. Even if you are a beginner in the cosmetics world, you can use this brush with confidence that in the end you will get a look that’s your skin but better – all for a price of $12!



2. EcoTools Flat Foundation Brush

ecotools imageThis brush has 100% synthetic bristles and a handle made of bamboo. It is an ecological product and a part of EcoTools’ profits goes towards environmental organizations. The brush is lightweight and portable.

The EcoTools Flat Foundation Brush applies your foundation extremely easily and leaves behind nothing but an even and natural look. It is easy to clean and it does not change its softness after washing. The tapered tip allows you to reach even the hardest areas like around the nose and around the eyebrows, for a professional look.

The brush allows you to achieve complete coverage and perfect blending of your foundation. Because the brush is full and large, the process of applying the foundation is now even shorter, which is fantastic, since we are always on the run these days!

The EcoTools Flat Foundation Brush is super soft and leaves no streaks. It comes in an ecological pouch that can be reused and that allows you to carry it around everywhere you go.

A downside can be that with this brush, you have to use a little bit more product than usual to achieve your desired coverage.

However, it is pretty affordable at $6, even for those of you who are on a limited budget. This is the least expensive choice of the three, and one of the best foundation brushes around.



3. Sigma Foundation – F60

sigma foundation brushThis brush is tapered, flat and firm. It has a rounded end with a slightly pointed tip. The bristles are synthetic, and it is recommended to be used for applying creamy and/or liquid products like foundation and primer. You can also use it with moisturizer.

The Sigma Foundation – F60 works great with sensitive skin, because it doesn’t irritate the skin at all. Due to how easy it is to use, this brush is a perfect tool for beginners. Even though it is firm, the brush is also soft and spreads the foundation evenly on your face. It is well constructed, since you can wash it as often as you want and the bristles still won’t come out.

The pointed tip helps you get to those tricky areas like around the nose and around the eyes. This brush is also good if you don’t want to cover all your face with foundation, but only some areas that need to be evened out.

Trick – in order not to be left with streaks it is best to go in multiple directions as you apply the foundation. However, the last direction should always be down, so that the baby hairs on your face (don’t worry, we all have them!) lay flat!

As for some downsides – the bristles are slightly thin and the brush may be a little too flexible, so there may be some danger of your makeup streaking if you do not pay enough attention when applying.

Regarding the price, at $16 this is the most expensive brush out of the three presented in here.


These were the 3 foundation brushes that I thought were some of the best out there – Revlon Foundation Brush, EcoTools Flat Foundation Brush and Sigma Foundation – F60.

They are all great brushes and work very well, it just depends on which one you like the most. Buy the brush that best fits your needs and the one you are most comfortable with.

One final note: if you found these foundation brush reviews helpful and are considering buying one or more, please click the “Buy from Amazon” link . I will get a small commission if you do this, and would really appreciate it. If not, there is no problem and I still hope you will get the best item for you!


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    Great review! I recently started using a foundation brush (rather than my fingers) and CANNOT BELIEVE how flawless it makes my skin look!!


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