The Best Eyeshadow Brushes

best eye shadow brushIt is a fact that when it comes to makeup, the quality of your makeup brush is equally as important as the product you are using. To reach the next step towards makeup perfection, you need a professional-quality brush that applies your product evenly and at your desired level of pigmentation.

All companies herald their eyeshadow brushes as the best one on the market, which can make your choice as to which one to buy very difficult. This is why I thought it might be helpful to put together a guide as to the three eyeshadow brushes that I believe to be the best, and that can help you achieve different needs.

Eye Shadow BrushHair

MAC Blending Brush 217

mac blending 217

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Sigma Eye Shading - E55

sigma e55 shadow

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Too Faced Shadow Brushes

too faced shadow

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3 of The Best Eyeshadow Brushes

mac eyeshadow brushThe MAC Blending Brush 217 is great for blending different products, especially if they are creamy.

It has an oval shape, with fine bristles.  It is long-lasting, and allows you to perfectly blend your eyeshadow each time.

This brush picks up pigment easily, and applies it perfectly without eyeshadow fallout under the eye.

You can use this brush for multiple purposes, with the side being good for placing color on the lid, and the tip fantastic for blending colors.

One downside is that the fibers are not super soft, so they may feel slightly scratchy on the sensitive eye area, which some reviews I’ve seen have complained about.

At $24, this is the most expensive brush I’m reviewing, but many people find MAC products to be completely worth it, as it is well constructed, long lasting, and it manipulates product perfectly.



sigma eyeshadow brushSigma Eye Shading – E55 gives you an even application of color.  Unlike the MAC 217, the bristles of the Sigma E55 are in a round formation, and rather than having a function of blending, its function is to apply even and intense color on the eyelid.

This brush is very soft, so it won’t feel scratchy or rough when you’re applying eyeshadow.  The bristles are very dense and thick.

The handle of this brush comes in multiple colors, so you can pick your favorite rather than getting stuck with a boring color.

It applies all types of eyeshadow – powdered, pressed, glitter, matte, etc. It is also fantastic with pigments, which it applies evenly and with minimal fallout under the eye, for an easy $12!


too faced eyeshadowToo Faced Shadow Brushes Essential is a three brush set, each one having its own role in flawless makeup application.

They all have synthetic fibers that are very soft and gentle on the delicate eye area. Additionally, synthetic fibers are easier to clean than animal hair brushes and last longer.

Since each brush is different, let’s talk about them a little bit.

The smallest brush, with a round ending, is good for lining your eyes, as it offers you more control due to its shape and size. Also, it’s great when used with loose powder, and it allows you to achieve your desired color vibrancy.

The middle sized brush is best for applying color all over the eyelid and for creating a smoky eye. This one is fantastic with pressed powder eyeshadows.

The largest brush is great for blending your eyeshadow and for applying color to the crease. It works best with pressed powder.

These brushes come in a slim container that keeps them safe and clean, and it also comes with instructions for each brush. Isn’t this just perfect, especially for someone who is not a makeup expert?!

At $39, these brushes are slightly pricier, but keep in mind that you’re also getting 3 brushes for this price, which isn’t bad!  The quality is definitely worth it, and you get enough variety to make any eyeshadow look you could ever dream of!


In conclusion, each of these brushes has strong points, it just depends on what you need and what you expect from your eye shadow brush. That’s why I’ve tried to make it easier for you to browse the best eyeshadow brushes based on what you value the most.

In any case, be sure that one, if not all, of these brushes will fulfill your eyeshadow brush needs, be it MAC Blending brush 217, Sigma Eye Shading – E55 or the set of brushes Too Faced Shadow Brushes Essential!