The Best Concealer Brush

Which is the best concealer brush and when do we use a concealer brush?

best concealer brushConcealer plays an essential role in one’s makeup, especially for those of us who may have problems with dark circles under the eyes, whether they be genetic or from a late night of having too much fun!

Although most women use their fingers or sponges (including me sometimes when I’m in a hurry) when applying concealer, makeup artists around the world suggest we should start using a proper brush for this kind of job and I agree with them completely.

Contrary to popular beliefs, there are different types of concealer brushes, with each one made for its own purpose. That doesn’t mean that you need to buy all 3 brushes that I’m going to show you; actually if you’re not a makeup artist you can buy the top 2 as they are different shaped concealer brushes.

They can have a firm pointed brush to reach little crevices around your eyes and face or they can be dome shaped to apply concealer around the eye area or simply to get rid of face blemishes.

The Best Concealer Brush

Concealer BrushHair

Bare Escentuals Maximum Coverage Concealer Brush

Concealer Brush 1

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Sigma Concealer - F70

sigma brush

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EcoTools Concealer Brush

ecotools brush

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1. Bare Escentuals Maximum Coverage Concealer Brush

bare escentuals imageThis brush works perfectly to cover broken capillaries, scars and blemishes. It ensures you 100% coverage while looking completely natural.

Regarding its form, it has an oval end and it is very stiff. You can use it to apply concealer before or after applying the foundation, and either way it will blend flawlessly.

This brush is extremely soft, so you won’t feel any pressure or discomfort when using it on sensitive areas. You don’t have to worry about using too much product, because it is easy to tap off the unnecessary amount of concealer and to apply only the right quantity.

The Bare Escentuals Maximum Coverage Concealer Brush is also easy to clean with mild soap, making it like new! It’s great if you have acne problems – with the right concealer it covers the area just perfectly.

As for other uses, it works with eye shadow too and it makes it easy to get into the inner corner of the eyes with its narrow tip. It is efficient with both creamy or powder concealer.

Anyway, there are some downsides too – the bristles are made of goat hair and can cause allergies to those who may be sensitive to natural hair brushes. Also, it doesn’t come with a case, which it would have been recommended regarding its use for sensitive areas of the face.

Costing about $7, it is the least expensive brush out of the three presented in here.



2. Sigma Concealer – F70

sigma concealerThis brush is made for small areas on your face and hard to reach areas, like around the eyes and around the nose. Its bristles are not long, they have a round end and the brush is tapered. Due to these characteristics, Sigma Concealer – F70 is perfect for a precise application.

The Sigma F70 brush is firm enough to offer you full control and it’s also soft, so it won’t feel like you’re scratching your skin, especially when using it in delicate areas.

It has just the right stiffness to work with creamy concealer. Another areas to consider using it on are around the eyebrows and around the mouth, which can be tricky areas to work around if you’re using your fingers to apply concealer!

Nothing can cover them better than the Sigma F70 – it leaves no lines behind and it blends your concealer perfectly, so your skin looks perfect. You can also use it to apply primer on your eyelids.

This brush goes for around $12, and is definitely worth the price when looking at both the brush quality, and how easily it applies your concealer!article-gif


3. EcoTools Concealer Brush

ecotools concealerJust like all products from EcoTools, this one is also made up of recycled and natural materials, synthetic bristles and bamboo handle. It has an oval end with a taper. It works with liquid or mineral powder concealer, allowing you to completely cover any blemishes or problems under the eyes.

EcoTools Concealer Brush comes in its own package, which is also ecological.

This brush blends the product perfectly without leaving a trace, so no one can tell where your makeup begins and where it ends, leaving your skin looking naturally flawless and almost airbrushed.

It can be used to eye shadows too; it applies them beautifully and ensures vibrant coverage. It’s not necessary to load up the brush with product, since small amounts are enough to cover the whole area, and you can build up coverage with a second application for those stubborn areas that don’t want to be covered!

The bristles are very soft, thick, and dense and they don’t shed at all. The brush is super easy to use and you can use it to apply foundation too, if you’re looking to apply it to the small and tricky areas of the face.

If you have dark circles under your eyes, this is the right brush for you – you get complete coverage with small amounts of product. In the end you just look natural and not like you’re wearing a ton of makeup.

Tip – this can also be used with your daily tinted moisturizer.

As for some negative aspects – the handle is quite long, so it may be difficult to fit in your makeup bag.

However, at $8, and given the amount of coverage your can achieve with this brush, it’s definitely worth adding to your arsenal of makeup brushes!


These were my choices as the best concealer brushes out there at the moment – Bare Escentuals Maximum Coverage Concealer Brush, Sigma Concealer – F70 and EcoTools Concealer Brush.

Now that you have seen what can each of them do, you only have to pick up the one you need – one for applying concealer on the whole face, one for small and hard to reach areas or one perfect for dark circles under the eyes.

One final note: if you found these concealer brush reviews helpful and are considering buying one or more, please click the “Buy from Amazon” link . I will get a small commission if you do this, and would really appreciate it. If not, there is no problem and I still hope you will get the best item for you!