Temptu Airbrush Makeup Kit in Review

Temptu Pro S/B Intro1 Kit Airbrush Makeup Review, Why You Should Buy Temptu Airbrush Makeup.

temptu-pro-SB-intro-airbrush-makeup-review 1If you’re like me who loves reading magazines, you’ve no doubt seen the flawless makeup look of models as you browse through the pages. You may be asking yourself, are those images photoshopped or real? Am I able to achieve that same look?

Yes, with airbrush makeup you can! You can easily achieve the look you want within minutes once you’ve gotten the hang of using one. All you need to do is buy an airbrush kit that fits your needs and fits into your budget.

If you’re looking to explore the world of airbrush makeup, keep reading this review to learn more about what the Temptu Airbrush Kit has to offer. Find out why professionals are using the Temptu Airbrush Makeup Kit and why it is listed among other big brands such as Dinair, Luminess and Tickled Pink.

Product Overview:

The Temptu brand has been around since 1981 and it first grabbed attention when the media was impressed by Temptu’s tattoo ink transfer breakthrough technology. Since that fateful moment, the Temptu brand has been devoted in creating the most revolutionary products for everyday people and professional makeup artists.

Temptu is one of the pioneers of Airbrush brands and it first launched its modernized Airbrush makeup system in 2009, with simplicity and ease of use for its users. With this system, now you can create that flawless results, even from the comfort of your home.

What’s In The Box?

Temptu Pro is a very high end of the line brand that comes with a hefty price tag of $439/kit. It is suitable for someone who is really interested in making a long term investment and is interested in becoming a pro. Those who are interested in just trying out if airbrush makeup is right for you, there are cheaper brands out there with more basic features that can be found here.

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Back to the Temptu Pro Kit, it is indeed every makeup artist’s dream to own one. Its TOP quality components include the S-One Air compressor, 1/4 ounce bottles of 12 S/B foundations, 1 ounce primer, 7 S/B highlighters and blushes, 1 ounce moisturizer, 4 ounce airbrush cleaner, SP-35 airbrush, airbrush cleaning kit, 1 concealer wheel and comes with an instructional DVD just like the Dinair Kit.

How to Get Started

The kit comes complete with everything you need to get you started right away. Getting started is a breeze if you’re a seasoned user otherwise I’d recommend watching the instructional DVD first. Depending on your skin tone, you can choose the suitable color combination from the available options.

About the Compressor and Airbrush Gun

temptu-pro-compressor-1The compressor is definitely top notch as it is small but very powerful at the same time. It can be easily stored anywhere and fits right into any bag if you’re travelling. It doesn’t spill when you store the compressor sideways unlike other cheap brands. The best part is that the tube stays in place because it has to be screwed in tightly, unlike other models with tubes that are merely snap-on.

temptu-pro-SB-Airbrush-gun-1The gun aka AIRpod, has a button on top to trigger its on and off switch. The moment you turn it on, you will feel the air flowing gently through its tip. Turn the dial to the right accordingly to adjust the amount of airflow when you’re ready to apply the foundation.

As a rule of thumb, always point the Airbrush downward about 4 inches away from the face to achieve the best results. As you pull back the trigger, slowly move the airbrush in a circular motion to ensure even distribution.

Airbrush Makeup Kit for Professional by Temptu Pro

Temptu features a number of high end kits to choose from. Its makeups are silicone-based, resulting in a superb, fine and smooth look anyone can wish for.

There are 4 types of Temptu Pro S/B Intro Kit Available:

  1. Temptu Pro S/B Intro Kit w/ S-One Compressor
  2. Temptu Pro S/B Airbrush Intro1 Kit with S-One Air Compressor
  3. Temptu Pro S/B Intro 2 Kit with Temptu AIR Compressor
  4. Temptu Pro S/B Airbrush Intro3 Kit with TEMPTU air Compressor

Temptu’s makeups are easily customizable, you can easily play around by blending different colors together and you can even choose to apply the makeup with a sponge, blush or even your fingers if you’re feeling adventurous.

That smooth and soft look can be easily achievable by using Temptu’s silicone based makeup. So smooth it may even look like you’re not wearing any makeup at all. It has its own proprietary technology that emits a radiant and youthful glow on your skin. The good quality of makeup that Temptu offers can last for hours, thus all you need is a few drops of its silicone-based makeup. Despite all that, removing it from your face is a breeze with any makeup remover.

Pros and Cons of the Product:


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This true piece of gem is no doubt able to deliver that stunning celebrity look every woman could wish for. Thanks to its advanced technology, Temptu has stood the test of time to still be in the top five airbrush makeup brands of all time.

Now you can hide any imperfections or flaws on your face easily by using Temptu’s Airbrush Makeup sytem.

The only con to this product is unfortunately its hefty price tag. For about $400, it is a huge investment for anyone and may be impractical if applying makeup is not your true religion.

However, if you’ve set your mind to becoming an airbrush makeup pro, I would highly recommend this excellent tool. It will become a very valuable investment for many years to come and will never fail you even though you have no prior experience in airbrushing. Each product comes with a manufacturer guarantee and is backed up by their team of customer specialists, ready to assist you in times of need.

The Verdict:

Without a doubt, Temptu is one of the few leading brands of airbrush makeup system that delivers quality, durability and excellence is overall performance. The price may put the brakes on for some of us, but you can be sure that every penny is well spent because it always overdelivers and gives you a flawless result after each and every use.

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