Makeup For The Lips

Makeup for the lips

makeup tipsBesides the eyes, a woman’s sensuality relies on the lips. This is why the lips always have to be in their best shape – full, nice colored and hydrated. In this article we will present some pieces of advice that will help you keep your lips that way. All you have to do is read carefully and follow the instructions.

First of all, you have to make sure that your lips texture is the right one, which means they are not dry or scaly. To do this, is best to exfoliate them and then hydrate them well enough. How to do this? It is simple. Just read on.

Start with the exfoliating process. We will present some home making solution for the beginning. For the first one you only need olive oil and sugar. Mix them together until you get a consistent paste, then take some on your finger, apply it on your lips and rub gently. After this, wash your lips with warm water and apply a lip balm.

For the next recipe you need some petroleum jelly and a very soft tooth brush. Put some jelly on the tooth brush and rub the lips in circular moves. Leave the petroleum jelly on your lips – this will hydrate them better. For the following method you need baking soda and a tooth brush (again a very soft one). Mix the baking soda with some water to form a paste, and then apply it on your lips with the tooth brush. Rub in circular movements. Then wash your lips with water and apply a lip balm. The last recipe includes honey and sugar. Mix them until you get a paste and then apply it on your lips in circular movements. You can leave the paste on your lips for several minutes, after that wash it off with water.

If you prefer a cosmetic product to exfoliate your lips, then you could try the Lip Scrub from Sarah Happ. It comes in many delicious flavors like – Creme Brulee, Red Velvet, Cocoa, Peppermint, Green Apple. You can also choose Pucker Up Lip Scrubs, with the same variety of flavors – Chocolate Truffle, Pina Colada, Sultry Vanilla, Mint Tingle. We know they look great and smell amazing, but still, try to refrain from eating them!

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Now about the hydration, here’s a vital rule – do not lick your lips ever! This will only dry them more and cause the scaly effect, because the saliva is acid. If you are not at home and feel your lips dry, just use a lip balm. Not having one? Then drink some water and buy a lip balm. If you are at home, you can moisturize your lips with olive oil, baby oil or with the content of a Vitamin E capsule. Apply one of these products on the lips with your finger and let them sink in. Later on, your lips will be soft and fluffy. They will only need some color.

Next, when choosing a lipstick, make sure this has a creamy texture that will not dry on your lips. You could try the Creamy Lip Color from Bobbi Brown, Essence Creamy, or any other you can find. You will easily sense the difference from a regular lipstick.
If you want your lips to seem fuller, then you should try rich red shades instead of pal ones. Apply a generous quantity.

You could also try Lip Boom from MUA, Ultra Colour Rich Extra Plump Lipstick from Avon or/and Plump Sexxxy Lipstick from Revlon.
Respect the indications above and your lips will always be healthy, hydrated and soft.

One final note: if you found these concealer brush reviews helpful and are considering buying one or more, please click any Amazon link in this post. I will get a small commission if you do this, and would really appreciate it. If not, there is no problem and I still hope you will get the best item for you!