Makeup Brushes and Their Uses

make-up brush and its useBrushes are one of the most important parts of your makeup bag. They can make the difference between walking out the door with a model-fresh face and the dreaded “cake face.” Of course, if you’ve ever tried to find a good brush kit, you might have realized that the amount of components can be overwhelming. It’s quite simple to find a good brush kit on the internet, but the question still remains: What are these makeup brushes and their uses?

This guide to makeup brushes and their purpose is your answer:

foundation brushFoundation Brush: As the name suggests, foundation brush is used for apply the base of your face: foundation. Foundation brushes have longer bristles made out of synthetic materials. They usually have more rounded heads, allowing you to glide the product along the skin in large swathes. To avoid a streaky look, it’s better to use a tapping or circular motion when applying the foundation. This will press the product in (instead of rubbing) and give you a flawless look. Click on the image to learn more >>>

stippling brushStippling Brush: The stippling brush is an alternative to the foundation brush and works equally well for base application. The short, soft bristles are packed densely together and have a blunt top, allowing product to rest on the skin rather than being slathered on. It provides a much softer, but equally effective finish on the skin. It’s a great makeup brush option for women with dimpled or cratered skin, because the product is less likely to emphasize textured areas. It gives you a finish that’s almost better than airbrushing – almost. Click on the image to learn more >>>

concealer brushConcealer Brush: The concealer brush is a small version of the typical foundation brush. Its stiff, synthetic bristles effectively control liquid product. Concealer can be applied under the eyes to cover dark circles and then placed on discolored spots on other parts of the face. Though some prefer to apply concealer with their fingers, using a brush will give you a finely finished, polished look. It’s an essential makeup brush for getting that flawless face every woman wants. Click on the image to learn more >>>

powder brushPowder/Blush Brush: This powder brush has a round head and soft bristles made for powdered product. Need to set your foundation with a light powder? You’ve found your brush. Need a little color to your cheeks and bring out your girlish smile? You’ve found your brush. Usually this brush applies product relatively lightly, so you can make a few passes over your face to achieve heavier coverage. Click on the image to learn more >>>

kabuki brushKabuki Brush: The kabuki brush and the powder brush are dangerously similar and often confused for one another. However, they have completely different compositions. The Kabuki brush has a shorter handle, compact shape, and denser bristles than the powder brush. It also applies powder much more heavily.  Is it a good option for you? All depends on how much powder coverage you want. Its compact shape also makes it great for travel and “quick application” brush. Need a brush for your one-night-stand bag? This is it! Click on the image to learn more >>>

angled brushAngled Brush: This angled brush has longer, soft bristles. It is slightly more compact than a blush brush and has an angled head ideal for face contouring products. You will often find yourself dipping this brush into your bronzer, highlighter, blush – or all of the above! Its angled shape allows product to be smoothly applied to specific places, such as the side of your nose or the tops of your cheekbones. It can also give you a more precise blush application that is just soft enough to look natural. This will easily be one of the most useful brushes in your collection! Click on the image to learn more >>>

fan brushFan Brush: Fan brushes are certainly one of the most interesting brushes to look at, with soft bristles fanning out and giving the brush its namesake. Fan brush is mainly used to apply blush, highlighter, or bronzer in a natural, gentle way that gives you an airbrushed look. Its unique shape allows the product to distribute lightly on the skin. Though the fan brush is not considered a makeup bag essential, it adds the perfect finishing touch to a look and makes it look like you went to a professional. Click on the image to learn more >>>

eyeshadow brushEyeshadow Brush: The eyeshadow brush is quite small and has short, straight bristles with a hard edge. Its firmness and density is fabulous for full-eyelid application. This will be, without a doubt, one of the most frequently used brushes on your collection. It’s used to densely apply either powder or cream eyeshadow onto the lid. Most of the time, the eyeshadow brush is only used to apply the base color for the eye makeup. Click on the image to learn more >>>

blending brushBlending Brush: This blending brush is yet another eye makeup essential. It is primarily used for blending product, so that the colors will merge together nicely. It also makes bright pigments look more natural on the eye. This is especially useful for applying colors into the crease and outer corners of your eyes. Small fluffy brushes are also utilized for applying subtle highlights and contours on the nose and in the arch of the eyebrows. If you plan on putting on eye makeup and want your makeup look to have a little finesse to it, be sure to pack this brush! Click on the image to learn more >>>

small angled brushSmall Angled Brush: This brush is quite tiny, with short, hard bristles that have a distinctly angled edge. The small angled brush has no fluffy element to it at all, because it is meant to precisely apply gel or powder eyeliner. However, the slight malleability it does have is also used for smudging. If you love rocking a grungier, stylishly unfinished look, then the small angled brush is for you. It is often used to naturally fill-in the eyebrows as well. Click on the image to learn more >>>

eyeliner brushThin Eyeliner Brush: The thin eyeliner brush is the tiniest of them all, but some women can’t live without them! The few bristles on these brushes are short, densely packed, and sometimes made out of synthetic fibers. It allows for incredibly precise eyeliner application. It’s perfect for classic eye makeup looks, as well as the ever-popular winged eyeliner look. If you’re a lover of liquid eyeliner, this brush will quickly become your best friend. Click on the image to learn more >>>

lip brushLip Brush: Though most of us apply lipstick straight from the tube, we could bring our makeup to a whole new level by using a lip brush. This brush is small with short, densely packed bristles and a slightly rounded head. It’s ideal for creating very precise lip looks, particularly if they’re in a bold red or following the darker, vampy lip trendsClick on the image to learn more >>>

However, it’s important to note that this brush requires a plastic head covering when packed away and is difficult to clean. It is not ideal for on-the-go makeup application, so we don’t advise bringing it along to touch up your makeup in your morning commute traffic.

Of course, there are many other makeup brushes that serve various purposes, but these are the essentials. These makeup brushes and their uses are sure to give you a beautiful face that looks like it came straight out of a magazine.