Luxie Lush Pink Perfection Collection vs. SHANY Super Professional Brush Set

Luxie Lush Pink Perfection Collection

brushes from luxie lush

Who doesn’t love pink? This gorgeous synthetic make up brush set is the perfect gift, and also a fantastic start to anyone’s professional make up kit, enabling anyone to create glamorous make up tricks and styles.

Encased in a cylinder holder for extra protection, you can check out the actual pretty appearance of this set in this quick YouTube video.

As you can see, this is certainly a kit that is easy on the eye, but despite that, it is also high quality and offers all the tools of the trade. Antibacterial, making it easier to avoid those germs, again you need to regularly clean them despite this particular feature. As with the previous set we discussed, clean with water and shampoo, rinsing thoroughly.

You probably won’t use all 12 brushes in the kit, but it consists of a point eye liner brush, pencil brush, tapered blending brush, eye shading brush, large shader brush, an angled brush, medium angled shading brush, perfect for face contouring, a large powder brush, large angled contour brush, duo fibre stippling brush, foundation brush, and a concealer brush. The only downside to this huge choice is that the brushes aren’t labelled, so this can be a difficult for those who aren’t sure which brush does what!

For the cost and the huge range of brushes this kit comes with, in a very attractive packaging, either for yourself or as a gift, the Luxie Lush Pink Perfection Collection is a great investment.

SHANY Super Professional Brush Set

shany makeup brushes

Next up we have the SHANY option, which consists of a huge 32 brushes, making it the perfect choice for any aspiring make up artists, as well as those with an interest in make up and different styles. Again, if you like to keep up to date with changing trends, this set will give you the tools to do just that, as no matter how good the product you’re using is, it will look sub-standard if not applied with the correct tools.

Made of natural hair, these are silky soft and feel high-end, with easy application and bend. A fantastic choice especially for applying foundation, concealers and liquid eyeliner, due to the precision and easy use. For the cost, these are comparable in quality to the Mac products, and they easily pick up product and apply flawlessly to the skin.

You’ll see it better for yourself here, but for reading sake, the kit consists, amongst others, of a large powder brush, for easy application of face powder, a large contour brush for cheek contouring, large sable shadier brush, small sable shadier brush, a lip brush, eyeshadow brushes, a duo fibre fan brush, mini synthetic square shadier brush, and a dual brow and lash groomer. Obviously, this is just a small sample of what is included in the kit, and it’s probably a good idea to do a little research and practice into what each brush does, to get the best out of the large range you will receive in your kit.

The brushes come individually wrapped, to keep them clean and secure, but again, it’s all about keeping them clean, in order to elongate their usage life, and to keep them in top quality, without transferring germs to your skin.

For the range available, this is possibly not one for the beginner, because the range will boggle your mind, but for anyone who enjoys swapping and changing styles, this is a fantastic choice.