Luminess Air Heiress Airbrush Makeup in Review

Get All the Facts You Need Before You Buy Luminess Airbrush Kit.

luminess-air-heiress-airbrush-makeup-review 1Did you always want to achieve that flawless picture-perfect look but you don’t know the tools of makeup you need? Are you not confident in trying out new makeups too so you’d rather go to a salon and get it done by a pro? If you’ve always wondered if there is a way for you to do this at home, read further because I’m about to show you how the Luminess Airbrush makeup kit will do the job!

The Luminess brand boasts its latest cutting-edge technology in the beauty industry and promises everyone that they can achieve professional results any time. Whether you have used airbrush makeup before and thinking of buying a new kit to replace your old one, or you are completely new to the airbrushing concept, Luminess Airbrush Makeup Kit definitely deserves a second look.

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Overview of the Luminess Airbrush Makeup

It is every girl’s dream to achieve a smooth and flawless camera-ready look at all times. Never again avoid taking pictures (I’m guilty of that) and feel less about who you are. Luminess airbrush makeup can certainly hide your flaws when applied correctly, unlike natural makeup, it superbly covers every bit of your face – it doesn’t add that weight on your face like regular makeup does.

The Luminess Air Heiress makeup kit lets you have that professional quality makeup look in a matter of minutes. The easily customizable tools let you choose between a sheer and heavy coverage foundation that can last for more than 20 hours.

It feels as though you are spraying a fine layer of mist on your skin, and that is all you need to cover up any imperfection and flaws. If you have sensitive skin and are prone to irritations and allergies, Luminess’s products are water-based and certified to be hypoallergenic, making it safe to use for everyone.

So girls, are you ready to stash away that old makeup and change to a new natural-looking, lightweight makeup that’s easy to use?

Watch a tutorial and review on how to use the Luminess Air Airbrush by Letitia Laura

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NOTE: I’ve seen NEGATIVE reviews by people who bought directly from the Luminess Air Company due to their recurring payment. I’d suggest you to NOT buy it from them, but through Amazon instead for a lower price.

Luminess-Air-Complaints 1Luminess Air Airbrush Makeup Kit – What’s in the Box?

Luminess offers 4 signature kits available at a reasonable price. They vary slightly so finding one that’s suitable for you should be easy, depending on your needs. They are called the Kelly System, Platinum, Luminess Air and Luminess Air Professional.

Each kit comes equipped with a basic compressor, nozzle and the makeup itself. The Air Heiress System comes with a few more perks such as the bronzer, blush, moisturizer and primer. Not forgetting the holder being integrated into the compressor for easy use. For the intermediate user, this is the set that I’d recommend.

The Compressor

Light, compact, sleek and sophisticated, those are the properties of the Luminess Air Heiress compressor. You can easily store in in your cabinet or carry it around in any bag. The noise it creates is relatively low compared to the other brands and it is able to produce a strong and powerful airflow.

The Airbrush Makeup

Luminess-Air-Heiress-System 1If you’ve had a horrid experience with normal makeup application because you experience blemishes due to the bacteria in the brushes, you will find airbrushing to be a relief.

This kit comes with four color foundations that can complement your skin tone; they are warm, deep and tan, fair and medium. If you’re a total beginner and need help with choosing the best color range, look up their Color Match service here.

You simply submit a high resolution photo of your face, preferably with good lighting, so a makeup professional can select the right color range for you. To top that, Luminess Air Heiress comes with four different types of finishes as well- silk, ultra, satin and matte.

Complete Set of Tools

The kit comes complete with everything you need, compressor, adapter, stylus and the whole makeup set that consists of foundation shades, bronzer, blush and primer. A good site I’d recommend to help you with airbrushing tips is a site owned by my friend Betty Barnes, click here to read more. With that in mind, practice makes perfect and you’ll soon be on your way to becoming an airbrushing master.

Pros and Cons of the Luminess Airbrush Makeup System and Conclusion:

Let’s start off with a minor issue that some users have experienced. Luckily it’s not about any minor flaws of the product but more towards their customer service team. Support is not always available but when they are, wait times are somewhat long, unlike The Tickled Pink Airbrush Company that boasts to have an excellent rep team.

The pros however outweigh the cons as this brand is able to over deliver its promise and has produced hundreds if not thousands of happy buyers. Easy to use, professional quality makeup is what this brand is known for. It caters to every woman out there, whether you prefer that classic look or a more glammed up celebrity look, Luminess helps you achieve what you’re aiming for.

I’m totally going for the Luminess Air Heiress system!

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