Know Your Makeup Brushes – For Beginners

makeup brushesThe makeup brushes represent a very important factor in obtaining a perfect makeup look by using cosmetic products. Depending on them, the final results may consist in a flawless makeup or in a disappointing experience.  Brushes are not just some optional items; they help you apply the makeup more accurately and with more professionalism. If you are a person that focuses on physical beauty, then a set of quality brushes would represent a perfect investment. Most makeup brushes are made of goat, squirrel, and pony hair. Natural hair is preferred to the synthetic one because with it, the spread and the application of the makeup on the skin are intensified.

Here is a list of the most important types of brushes necessary for a successful makeup:

1.    The Foundation Brush

Most women, including me sometimes, apply the foundation using their fingers or by using a sponge, but these techniques do not save us from the possibility of omitting some parts of the face or from ruining a perfect to be makeup. A foundation brush has a flat shape, with long hairs. This helps you achieve a uniform application of the product, even in the areas that are difficult to cover with your fingers.

2.    The Blush Brush

The blush brush is used to give a highlight or a bronze effect. This type of brush is usually firm and is angle shaped, in order to allow a more accurate highlighting and shading technique. This makeup brush can also be used to reach a more intense color.

3.    The Concealer Brush

This brush is used to apply corrector and to remove the dark stains under the eyes. With its help, the corrector will completely cover the dark circles, a result that you can’t get if you apply the product with your fingers.

4.    The Powder Brush

The powder brush is one of those things that every woman should own. This is used to cover the face with powder, to “strengthen” the desired makeup and to remove any trace of unwanted gloss. Contrary to a sponge, the brush for powder ensures an ideal finish.

5.    The Eye Shading Brush

The makeup professionals use three types of such brushes: a middle one for the actual application, a smaller one to focus on the eyelid and a bigger one to underline the area below the eyebrows. If you use just one eye color, this one is applied from the interior to the exterior. You can also choose a special brush with which to apply the liquid colors for the eyes.

6.    Lip Brush

The lipstick is conceived to be applied directly, but by using a lip brush, you will get a denser and a better overall coverage. Plus, the lipstick will last longer on your lips. Thus, the brush will help you apply the product correctly to get full, luscious lips.

7.    Liner and Eyebrow Brush
In order to finish the makeup in a smooth way, do not forget about the eyebrows. A liner eyebrow brush will help you shape your eyebrows for a natural look.

How To Maintain Your Makeup Brushes?

Like any other thing, the makeup brushes don’t last forever. Using them frequently with various cosmetic products will determine them to get worn out, that is why you need to take care of them properly, so that you postpone the moment when you have to throw them in the trash. In order to do this, you can purchase special cleaning products for the brushes, which will remove any cosmetic remains and will avoid bacteria to form within the hair. Also, another way of maintaining them is this: place the brushes for a half an hour in a container with warm water and antibacterial soap, afterwards rinse them well with water and let them dry.

Keep them in a special pouch and avoid moisture. This way, you will have perfect tools to obtain the desired look.