How to Pick the Right Makeup Foundation

mineral makeup1Beauty starts with a healthy-looking skin. As crazy as it sounds, the right foundation must give the impression that you are not wearing any foundation. Your complexion has to look even and smooth.

The main reason for using foundation is to make our skin and its texture uniform. If applied correctly, we will have as a result a skin that will look smooth and without any imperfections.
Some of us avoid using any kind of foundation because it’s often associated with the mask effect. In fact we make the mistake when choosing one, because even the denser formulas must look natural, if used correctly on the right skin.

Types of makeup foundations

Makeup foundations are available in different formulas. Choose the one suitable for your skin, as texture and consistency. You can choose between the light creams of the BB series (suitable for even complexions), hydrating lotions (perfect for dry skin types thanks to its moisturizing properties), liquid lotions with a high coverage power (also suitable for dry complexions with an average to high coverage), “oil-free” products (for the normal, mixed or oily skin), or powder foundations (for the very oily complexion).

How do we choose the perfect color shade?

If you already chose the right type of foundation, then the next step is to pick a color. Here’s a trick: the ideal shade must “disappear” when applying on the skin, it must be invisible.
You should look for a yellow makeup base, because we all have yellow skin undertones. Most of the time, the red undertone foundation creates that mask effect that we want to avoid. There are just a few cases in which it’s necessary for a foundation to have red color at its base. Keep in mind that the foundation shouldn`t change our skin tone, but only make it more even.

Try more color shades on the cheek skin by drawing lines on your cheeks, lines that you fade easily with your foundation brush or fingers.
You can also try a lighter and a darker shade. The correct shade will disappear between the variants that you have tested, and this way you will know it is the right one. Try again this shade on the forehead, because there are cases in which the skin is darker in this area, and it is possible for a darker shade to match better on all the face.

All the time you should test the foundation in a natural light, choose to go near a window or even outside the shop in order to be convinced of the choice you made. In case that the shade of your skin becomes darker during the summer, keep a darker foundation that you can combine with the one that you have used throughout the year.

How to apply it

The correct «tools» will help you apply the foundation very easily and you will obtain a very natural aspect. There are three methods through which we can apply the foundation: the sponge, the brush with artificial hairs and with our fingers. The last one is most of the time the most suitable option, because the heat of the fingers helps us fade the products and spread it very well.

Always start by applying it from the center of your face, fading it with short movements towards the exterior, to the line of the hair.Use a small quantity of product! For a successful result, wait a few minutes for the foundation to be absorbed into the skin, and then apply another layer in the areas in which it is still necessary. Use the heat of your fingers to fade it, in order to look as natural as possible. At the end apply a corrector pencil exactly in the areas where the flaws are still visible.

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