How to Apply Makeup Without Looking Like Shrek

foundation powderHow to Apply Makeup Without Looking Like Shrek

Makeup is meant to embellish, to emphasize the native beauty of every woman. A successful makeup must not be noticed; it underlines certain features and masks the flaws.
Some women are trying to look like divas but just end up looking worse than they would look without any makeup. Follow some makeup rules, if you don`t want to look like a drag queen.


When it comes to makeup, the foundation is the most important product. No wonder that the foundation is the base of any makeup. But, many women make the mistake of applying a larger amount of product than they should or a darker color.

Too much foundation can look “fake”, the excess gathers around the fine wrinkles, and you let the impression that you have “plaster” on your face. Also, a foundation in a shade different from your natural color will emphasize the fact that you are wearing a mask on your face.

Too much powder

Wishing to cover all our flaws, we sometimes forget that an excessive amount of pigment can worsen things. And thus, we end up wearing a mask on our face and not makeup. Use powder only if you have an oily complexion and if you notice that the makeup “slips”. If you have a normal complexion, a thick layer of powder won`t do anything but highlighting the vulgar look.

As many colors as possible

We love colors! Red, green, blue, yellow and even a little bit of purple.
They are all wonderful. But, when you are wearing them all on your face, they don`t seem so beautiful anymore. Yes, it’s good having a little bit of color, but let`s not transform our face in a picture. I suggest you shouldn’t apply more than three colors. And if you are the type that adores multicolored makeup, limit them in the eye area. The rest of the face should have natural shades. More colors won`t make you more beautiful!

The eyebrows are too underlined

I have noticed that girls have a problem with eyebrows. Whether they color them too strong, or they don`t do anything to them. On the other hand, it’s better to leave them alone rather than underline them with black. An excessive underline of the eyebrows, with a too dark pencil only transforms your face. It’s wise to choose a pencil colored in a shade as close as possible to your natural color.

Colored cheek bones

The excessively applied blush is a frequently encountered makeup mistake. Even more, many women use just blush and lipstick, without applying any foundation or mascara. This is just wrong. Yes, blushed cheek bones are sexy, but blushed not colored. Even if you have a perfect complexion, if you choose bright colors for your eyes, the final result will be one not very pleasant. It is important to create a balance when you are wearing makeup.

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