Goat Hair Makeup Brushes

makeup brushes made of goat hairMakeup brushes are something that we all need for our every day beauty routine. They have an essential word to say on the final look and this is why we have to make sure we only buy the best ones out there.

Their bristles are usually made out of different hair – squirrel, mink, sable, horse or goat hair. But which ones are the best? Well, most of the people go with the brushes made out of goat hair.

Why is that?

First of all, goat hair brushes are softer to the skin than the rest of the brushes and they are also great for blending. They ensure a maximum coverage especially used with powder products.

You can use them with liquid makeup products as well, but you have to know that goat hair brushes absorb a bigger quantity of product than the ones made out of synthetic hair.

They also need special attention – you have to wash them with a mild shampoo after using them and keep them in a separate package to make sure the bristles won’t get damaged.

Next you can read a review for two sets of brushes made out of goat hair. Depending on them, you can create yourself a wider view upon this subject and you will learn more about this type of brushes.


1. SHANY Cosmetics NY Collection Pro Brush Kit – 22 Piece Natural BJF Goat Bristles

The goat hair brushes from this collection are all treated with non-toxic chemicals so that they will have an anti-bacterial characteristic. This is important especially in the case of natural bristles, because they may carry bacterial agents from the animals they are coming from.

The SHANY brushes from this set are also heat treated so that the hairs will have a higher quality, thus helping you apply an even layer of makeup product.You shouldn’t use them immediately after buying; first wash them with soap and let them dry.

The bristles are soft and pick up very well the cosmetics. They’re also dense so that they ensure full coverage of the face. The brushes are well made and they have a professional design. Although the goat hair brushes are very soft, they are also sturdy, so don’t worry that they will fall apart.

The handles are light weighted and therefore not difficult to carry around. The bristles are easy to clean.

amaz buttonJust like the ones from FASH (the next review), these brushes also have an unpleasant smell that comes off once you wash them. They are not labeled, but unlike the ones form Fash, these come with a guide that shows you what for to use each brush.

The set doesn’t contain any brushes firm enough to pick up creamy products (they are too soft for this), and this would be another negative aspect worth considering. Also, the big brushes tend to shed during application.



2. FASH Professional Quality Cosmetic Brush Set – Goat and Raccoon Hair – 28 Piece

These brushes are eco-friendly and are designed especially for professional makeup. The vendor recommend that customers should wash the brushes before use and hold them under running water until their protective coating goes off and no colors comes out of them.

Each brush has a generous amount of hair that will pick up and apply the right amount of makeup. Goat hair brushes are soft and efficient in the same time. They will not bother your skin at all and they are of a great quality.

Their density ensures you a full coverage of the face skin and an even look. Also, the texture of the hair is great for picking up the makeup products. The wide range of brushes from this set makes any makeup possible and flawless.

amaz buttonThe bristles tend to shed when you wash them and sometimes when you use them as well. Because some of the brushes are made out of goat hair, they also have a not so pleasant smell. But there is a solution – before using them, wash each brush with mild shampoo and let them dry (or use the hair drier). They will come out nice and fluffy and less smelly.

They did not label each brush with its use, so it may be difficult for beginners to work with them. They will have to look somewhere else in order to figure out each brush’s purpose. But once you know how to use each of them, it is easy to get by and to create an amazing look for yourself.

Both sets come in their own package that also bears the same unpleasant smell as the brushes, so you may want to keep them outside for a period of time, just to get rid of that fragrance. Otherwise, their price is pretty low so you will find them very affordable and at a quality exceeding the price.

In these sets you will find any brush you need for your daily makeup use or for special occasions. These brushes will also take your makeup technique to another level and will help you create more and more complex looks for yourself. They will also be a great present for a makeup lover friend.

One final note: if you found these brush reviews helpful and are considering buying one or more, please click any Amazon link in this post. I will get a small commission if you do this, and would really appreciate it. If not, there is no problem and I still hope you will get the best item for you!