Dinair Airbrush Makeup Kit in Review

The Dinair Airbrush Makeup Kit, Why Buy the Dinair Airbrush Makeup Kit.

Overview of the Product:

Tdinair-airbrush-makeup-kit 1he Dinair brand is one of the top 6 best airbrush brands that I would recommend. They are known for its quality and is among the few reasonably priced in the market today. Take for instance their most complete kit that costs $179; jam packed with various foundations and startup kits, it is considered to be cheap for such a good quality airbrush kit.

The bundle comes with an instructional DVD and practice sheets for easy pointers and beginners alike. In fact, that is pretty much all you need if you know nothing about using an airbrush makeup. Amazing makeup tips are also provided in the package, for those who are still a little clueless with Airbrush makeup. With amazing things inside the package, you’re probably wondering if there is anything at all that you won’t like about this product. There are some limitations though, which I will point out later down the line.

What’s In The Box?

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Once you open the package, you’ll receive some documents and papers like the product registration warranty, how-to manuals and some practice sheets to get you started. You even get a bonus instructional DVD for easy visual learning that features easy to advanced techniques on how to apply it like a pro. The essential tools include- the airbrush gun, compressor and 8 makeup colors. You probably can’t wait to get started with all these exciting tools available at your fingertips!

The Compressor and Airbrush Gun

The compressor is a piece of diamond for us who love chic and classy things. It is shiny silver in color, unlike those bright and colorful ones. You can also get a range of different colors for the compressor such as red, black and white.
The compressor has a built in multi-pressure dial that lets you easily adjust it to your needs quickly during application.

In my opinion, this is a very important aspect of the compressor because it will allow you easily shift from applying foundation to eye makeup or blush. It also comes in handy when cleaning the compressor.
As for the airbrush gun itself, you’ll love how this stylish piece of gadget feels in your hand. It is highly durable and is made to last for many years.

dinair-airbrush-gun 1The airbrush gun also comes with black bands that can be placed close to the trigger. If you’re wondering what it’s for, it actually acts as protective guard to prevent you from pulling back very far during application. This can help prevent the mistake most newbies make by applying too much foundations or makeup, while they are still learning to adapt to the new tool.

You also get a classy looking protective sleeve for the gun, great when you’re travelling. It doesn’t look as sturdy as Temptu’s, but it is good enough to protect your airbrush gun.
One thing that might disappoint you is the hose that you use to connect the gun and the compressor. Dinair has decided to go with a mere rubber tubing, which just slips through each end. Although very unlikely, it is possible for one to exert too much pressure and pull it off its grip. You can probably live with it unless you’re willing to pay more for a higher end brand.

Airbrush Makeup

Dinair-Airbrush-Makeup-Review 1Color wise, this product is in the medium range. If you have an olive skin tone this will be perfect for you. Don’t worry though as Dinair offers other color ranges for everyone, from the fair and tan to dark.
Matching your skin tone would not be a problem as it comes with various undertones and color. Part of the fun challenge in becoming a master makeup artist is knowing how to mix and combine shades to come up with a prefect shade that compliments your skin color.

Aside from all those perks, you’ll also receive your usual color makeup tools like the bronzer, blushes and the highlighters. These are available for use once you’re done with spraying the foundation. I’m not going to elaborate much on these as you probably already know on how to use them for that extra glam and sparkle.
The makeup has water based qualities, that won’t leave you with that thick and uncomfortable feeling with mineral based makeups. It does however take slightly longer to apply than traditional makeup, but definitely does the job better in making you look more stunning.

You will instantly achieve that fresh off-salon look after airbrushing, making you look like a pro, because of the amazing quality of airbrush makeup on your face. That is simply the beauty of airbrush makeup, and thus the chosen tool for many professional makeup artists.

If you are prone to having skin irritations and allergies, the Dinair Airbrush kit is for you as the ingredients used for the makeup are gentle and natural. When the sensitivity of our skin changes due to cold/hot weather conditions, stick to using the most natural makeup products. Dinair offers a complete range of airbrush makeup that is paraben-free, hypoallergenic, and non-comedogenic. Perfect for all occasions, or even daily use if you’re so used to looking glamorous!

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Why You Should Buy Dinair Airbrush Makeup Kit?

Overall, I would highly recommend the Dinair Airbrush Makeup for those who have a reasonable budget to spend on a good quality product. It is a solid choice, whether using it for personal or professional use. The different colored compressors are also available for your preference. Priced at under $200, this product is indeed a steal because it’s complete with all the essential tools you need for airbrushing.

Where to buy Dinair Airbrush Makeup Kit?

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