Christmas Makeup for Family Dinners and Office Parties

xmas makeup 1It’s tough enough to have to make a list of Christmas gifts and check it twice while having to come up with the perfect holiday makeup looks for Christmas parties and family gatherings. Well, you can rely on these three classic Christmas makeup looks (yet with a modern twist) and know that you’ll be looking chic, festive, and pretty throughout this holiday season.

Of course, before applying these specific makeup looks, prep your face by thoroughly cleansing and moisturizing the skin. Make sure to accurately match your foundation as well, since fresh skin is the base for each one of these holiday looks.

Neutral and Bright Smokey Eye + Red Lips

christmas makeup

Makeup List: Bronze Eye Shadow, White Shimmer Shadow, Brown Eye Shadow, Black Eye Liner, Red Lipstick, Red Lip Liner, Mascara

Step 1. Apply bronze and white eye shadow.

Using a medium eye shadow brush, press light bronze shadow from the lash line to the lid crease and use a blending brush to soften the edges. Then, apply the same bronze shadow underneath the lash line in one thick swipe. Finally, add a dab of white shimmery shadow to each inner corner of the eye.

Step 2. Apply shadow eyeliner.

Dampen a thin eyeliner brush and dip the brush into a dark brown eye shadow. Apply the dampened eye shadow liner to the rims all around the eye. This creates a seamless look with the already-applied bronze shadow.

Step 3. Make your eyes pop.

Draw attention to your eyes even more by adding a thin line of black eyeliner to your upper lash line.

Step 4. Apply two coats of your favorite black mascara.

Step 5.  Apply red lipstick and matching lip liner.

Apply cherry red lipstick to lips with a lipstick brush.  Finish off the look by applying liner after the lipstick.

Dewy Winter Angel

office christmas makeup

Makeup List: Oil-free moisturizer, Concealer, Cream Blush, Highlighting Powder, Lip Rouge, Eye Shadow, Mascara

Step 1. Apply moisturizer.

This important step is the base for this dewy angelic look. Apply a rich moisturizer and gently press it into the skin.

Step 2. Conceal dark circles.

Use a concealer under the eyes to make the whites of your eyes pop and to enhance the bright and airy feeling of this makeup look.

Step 3. Add touches of color.

Gently rub in rose-colored cream blush with your fingers to the apples of your cheeks. Also, add soft swipes of violet eye shadow with a medium brush, gradually making it lighter as you work your way up toward the brow bone.

Step 4. Apply two coats of your favorite mascara.

Step 5. Apply tinted lip balm or lip rouge in rose-influence colors to lips.

Old Hollywood Holiday Look

christmas makeup

Makeup List: Eye Shadow, Liquid Eye Liner, False Lashes, Crimson Lip Color, Pink Blush

Step 1. Apply eye shadow.

For this look you’ll specifically need two complementary neutral colors to create the base for the rest of your eye makeup. It’s best to find an eye shadow palette to find accurately matching eye shadow. You’ll want to use a light shimmery shadow for your lid and a darker one for the crease of your eyelid.

Step 2. Apply winged eyeliner.

The winged eyeliner look is an essential and oh-so-flattering element of this old Hollywood glamour look. Start with a thinner line and then gradually build on top of that to ensure clean and even lines all the way through. Once you’ve pulled the liner to the corner of your eye, that’s when it should begin to “wing” off, slightly upwards toward your brown bone.

Step 3. Apply false lashes.

Yet another essential part of this look is the larger-than-life lashes. Full lashes on your upper lid are really what make this classic look beautiful. Use lash strips for a dramatic look and individual lashes for a more subtle and gradual look.

Step 4. Apply lipstick.

A rich and slightly dark red lip color is an absolute must to top off this look. Of course, you’ll want to prep your lips before applying lipstick by exfoliating and using moisturizing lip balm prior to applying lipstick with a lip brush.

Step 5. Apply blush.

This look is then completed with a soft swipe of rosy colored blush at the apple of your cheeks.