Best Stippling Brush

stippling brushesThere are many tools and techniques used to apply liquid or cream foundation and using a stippling brush is a method that provides an airbrush finish by dotting the makeup onto your skin.  Perfect for those with fine lines, acne scars or large pores, this tool will allow the foundation to create an even skin tone without streaking.

Generally, a stippling brush has duo toned bristles which are a combination of natural and synthetic materials.  When applying your foundation with the brush, you will want to put some liquid foundation on the back of your hand and pick it up with the tips of the stippling brush from there.  This will make sure that you’re not overusing the product.  Using small amounts at a time and very lightly ‘dotting’ the foundation onto your skin will ensure that you are using the stippling brush properly and achieving the best results.

Not all stippling brushes are created equally and some can be too soft, creating streaks in your application.  When trying to decide on the best stippling brush for you, consider these options:

beauty junkees flat kabuki1. Beauty Junkees Flat Kabuki

The double crimped aluminum ferrule portion of this stippling brush means that you don’t have to worry about the bristles shedding.  Vegan friendly synthetic taklon bristles are incredibly dense in order to get full coverage of your foundation and eliminate streaking.  Thanks to its multifunctional concept (you can apply foundation, concealer and powder) and to the fact that you can expect a flawless finish every time, consider this as the best stippling brush out there.

sigma f80 flat stipple brush2. Sigma F80

Another synthetic bristle brush, this one by Sigma uses their patented Sigmax HD filament which works well with liquid foundations and cleans easily.  The ultra flat top of this stippling brush allows it to distribute product evenly which will result in a flawless complexion.


real techniques stppling brush3. Real Techniques Stippling Brush

Known for its ultra plush bristles that are much softer than those in other brands of makeup tools, this stippling brush offers a slightly curved shaft that allows for easy handling and application.  This dual fiber brush is 100% cruelty free and its bristles are hand cut to offer an ideal shape, allowing you to create a flawless finish.


elf small stipple brush4. e.l.f. Small Stipple Brush

One of the best stippling brush options available is this small version which can offer a more precise application of your product.  The small head of this brush will allow you to get into areas that a larger brush won’t like around the eyes and nose.  The ability to use this brush with both liquid and powder makeup products makes it multifunctional and a must-have in your makeup bag.

ailunce flat top kabuki5. Ailunce Flat Top Synthetic Kabuki Brush

A common issue with cosmetic brushes is that they absorb impurities from the skin and spread them, causing break outs and irritation.  The synthetic bristles of this flat top kabuki makes it one of the best stippling brushes because the lack of porosity keeps it from trapping in your foundation, dead skin cells and bacteria.  Your foundation will not be overused and your complexion will remain clean and clear.

makeup geek stippling brush6. Makeup Geek Foundation Stippling Brush

This stippling brush is made with shorter bristles in order to have more control over your application.  Bristles won’t bend and swirl while you dot the foundation onto your face, resulting in a completely flawless airbrush effect.  Unlike other stippling brushes, this one with a gunmetal ferule and espresso colored finish is soft enough on the skin to avoid irritation while applying.

bh stppling brush7. BH Cosmetics Rounded Stippling Brush

An excellent inexpensive option to add to your makeup bag, this tool performs similarly to brushes from high end brands but for a fraction of the price.  This is considered to be one of the best stippling brushes because it’s easy to clean and feels luxurious on their skin.  The synthetic bristles prevent overuse of product with their non-porous texture.

How To Care For Your Stippling Brush:

best stippling brushSince makeup brushes can absorb oils and impurities from the skin, they are at risk for bacteria.  Using one of the best stippling brushes will not matter if it’s not cared for properly as it can cause breakouts and prevent your brush from performing to its maximum ability.  Brushes must be cleaned at least once a week to maintain a healthy complexion and extend the life of your brush.

  • Clean your stippling brush either right after you use it or before you go to bed in order for it to dry overnight and be ready to use again when you apply your makeup in the morning.
  • You may want to use a gentle cleanser like a baby shampoo or a product that is meant specifically for cleaning makeup brushes.  This will ensure that harsh detergents don’t ruin the bristles.  Don’t use a shampoo or facial cleanser on your brush because they may contain ingredients that create build up or residue, which can then transfer to your skin.
  • Wet your brush and very gently use your hand to apply and lather the cleanser.  You may swish the brush into the palm of your hand but be careful not to be too rough as it may result in shedding bristles.  Make sure to rinse the cleanser out completely.
  • You must allow your brushes to air dry and it’s best to lay them flat on a clean towel.  Placing them with the bristles up might cause water to seep into the ferule and handle, while placing them with the bristles down will cause them to become misshaped.

If you haven’t yet tried applying your liquid foundation or powder with a stippling brush, your makeup application may not be living up to its ultimate potential.  A stippling or flat kabuki brush will create such a smooth, airbrushed finish that once you’ve tried it, you won’t go back to applying with your fingers or a sponge.  Consider these suggestions and tips to find the best stippling brush for you.