Best Mineral Makeup for Acne Prone Skin

best mineral makeup for acne prone skinIt’s not easy to determine which products are best for acne prone skin. There are tons of sites dedicated to discussing and reviewing makeup products for those suffering from acne or other skin conditions. And, mineral makeup products are a big part of those discussions.

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If you suffer from acne, have acne prone or sensitive skin, mineral makeup products can be a good choice since they don’t contain the preservatives, oils, waxes, dyes and fragrances that are usually the culprits of irritation and break outs. Since mineral makeups also don’t contain fillers, they are less likely to clog the pores.  Mineral makeup products generally contain more zinc oxide than conventional makeup; so they can act as an anti-inflammatory, reducing redness and skin irritation as well as sun protection.

But, while in many cases they can be better for sensitive skin, mineral makeup can also look “caked on,” be hard to blend, cause excessive drying and settling in pores and fine lines, and not last as long as conventional makeup. Also, many mineral makeup product lines come in a limited number of colors.

Thankfully, the cosmetic industry has been working hard at making mineral cosmetics act more like traditional makeup, without losing all those benefits for acne prone users. But, while some brands are making mineral makeup more mainstream, this has also meant fudging a little on the ingredients, adding back in some of the very things that made mineral makeup so effective to those with acne prone skin to begin with.

The discussion boards and reviews of mineral makeup products for acne prone skin are mind boggling. Just like no snowflake is alike, no individual’s skin sensitivity or body chemistry is the same.  For every positive rating there seems to be an equally dissatisfied customer. Without trying every product it’s hard to know what to go with.

So, I’ve given it what I believe is my best shot at coming up with a list of the best mineral makeup for acne prone skin.  This list includes those products with the highest ratings across multiple sites. You may have tried one of these and had a completely different outcome or you may use a product that is the answer to your prayers yet not included here. That being said, here is what I have narrowed down your options for the best mineral makeup for acne prone skin:


Bare Minerals Original Prime Time Foundation Primer

bare minerals primerBare Minerals is a huge name, so obviously there is plenty of clout behind the name itself. For quality, you can’t beat it, however price is a factor we need to take into account.

This particular primer is a silky formula, gliding onto skin and correcting rough patches, dryness, flaky patches, and absorbing excess oil, whilst correcting skin texture and smoothing it out. It basically gives a flawless finish, whilst also containing soothing elements and vitamins C and E, to calm angry skin and even out any imperfections. Lightweight too.

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Mineral Fusion Natural Brands ConcealerMineral Fusion Natural Brands Concealer

Concealer is basically every girl’s go-to in the drastic case of needing to cover up pesky spots and dark circles. This particular brand has a ‘duo-shade system’ which basically allows you to blend the color to your particular shade, whilst also containing several vitamins and minerals to soothe skin and calm down any redness. Vitamins C, E, white tea and pomegranate are just a few of the ingredients, but it is also totally free of anything artificial, which makes it a great choice for anyone with skin problems.

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4 Physicians Formula Mineral-Wear Talc Free Concealer StickPhysicians Formula Mineral Wear Talc-Free Concealer Stick

Extra sensitive and a perfect choice for skin that is prone to spot break outs, or acne, this ultra smooth formula allows skin to breathe, without caking it over. Containing minerals from amethyst, ruby and sapphire powder, this product is also known to reduce fine lines, without clinging to them. Oil free and totally hypoallergenic, this is a great choice for acne-related problems, whilst also hitting dark circles where it hurts.

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Maybelline Mineral Powder ConcealerMaybelline Mineral Powder Concealer

A big name concealer, which is equally big in terms of quality. Easily applied, simply dot it onto problems areas and pat with the finger to blend in the color; it doesn’t clog and covers pores easily. Fragrance and talc free, this particular product is also quite long-lasting, so no need to constantly re-apply.

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gloMinerals gloPressed BasegloMinerals gloPressed Base

Allowing skin to breathe is one of the major perks of this particular brand of foundation, whilst also being soothing and moisturizing for skin. Packed with sun protection against UVA and UVB rays, as well as soothing green tea extracts. Easy to apply too, as with most mineral-based makeup products, simply dust on and layer as much as necessary

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Jane Iredale Pure Pressed Mineral FoundationJane Iredale Pure Pressed Mineral Foundation

Packed with sun protection to SPF 20, and water resistant to 40 minutes, this weightless feeling foundation is great for soothing angry skin again, with antioxidants such as pine bark extract. Apply with a brush and gently dust on, again layering up to the necessary level. Simple, and not at all clogging.

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Mary Kay Mineral FoundationMary Kay Mineral Foundation

Particularly recommended for sensitive skin, this product is a great choice for anyone suffering with acne or problem skin. Oil and fragrance free, this is a gentle product, which covers completely and blends to give a flawless finish. Available in several different shades too, so it’s simply a case of matching up for your base. Shine is controlled, and matte finish easily achieved.

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Liquid Foundations

By their very nature liquid mineral foundations tend to have more preservatives to prevent microbes, which grow in water.  These preservatives and other added ingredients, that must be included to process liquid makeups, may cause irritation in sensitive or acne prone skin.   After researching liquid mineral foundations, there was really only one that made high grades:

Jane Iredale Liquid Mineral FoundationJane Iredale Liquid Mineral Foundation

Almost like a second skin, this foundation may be misleading in that there are beads in the pump, but they are actually what the product refers to as ‘liposomes’ which protects the ingredients from losing their effectiveness whilst in the pump. When applied to skin, the liquid is smooth and doesn’t clog up, whilst minimizing the appearance of lines and pores.

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Bare Minerals Blush by Bare EscentualsBare Minerals Blush by Bare Escentuals

Bare Minerals again! Big name, big quality really, and that can’t be argued. Easily dusted onto skin, not just on the face but the whole body, this goes a long way, so you only need a small amount. SPF protection means it packs a double punch, and the gentle formula means it shimmers without clogging.

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Finishing  Powders

Bare Escentuals Mineral VeilBare Escentuals Mineral Veil

The final step in makeup application, this finishing powder gives a translucent glow to the face without caking. No chemicals, no fragrance, and not at all heavy, whilst absorbing oil and minimizing lines and pores.

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Jane Iredale Amazing Loose Mineral Powder

Jane Iredale Amazing Loose Mineral Powder

Available in a large amount of shades, meaning a match for everyone, this luxurious, creamy powder is easy to apply and again contains antioxidants, meaning a cooling and soothing treat for the skin. Easy to apply, just remove the seal, turn it upside to repeat the minerals and then dip the brush, tap off excess, and apply as needed, layering as you go.

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Mineral based makeup might come across as being tricky to apply or messy, but it’s quite the opposite, and for very little application, without caking the face and giving a false or aging appearance, all of these formulas go on with minimal fuss, and maximum effect.

For anyone with acne or problem skin, mineral makeup is a good idea because it simply doesn’t clog, and it allows the skin to breathe. Of course, proper removal at the end of the day is key, but on the whole, mineral makeup is gives a lighter base, which means less of a barrier. All of the above are also infused with vitamins and cooling agents, which don’t irritate skin that is prone to just that, irritation.