The Best Kabuki Brush

kabuki1So… you’re here to find the answer to the following: “What is the best kabuki brush?”.
Don’t worry, read more to find out which one of these 2 kabuki brushes suits you best.

Kabuki BrushHair

e.l.f. Studio Kabuki Face Brush

elf large kabuki

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Synthetic (Taklon)



Sigma F80 - Flat Kabuki

sigma kabuki

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Synthetic (Sigmax)



1. The Best Kabuki Brush: Studio Kabuki Face Brush

elf kaukiThis brush is from e.l.f. Cosmetics, a very popular and respected brand. The brand it’s known especially for the quality and the very low prices compared to other well-known brands in the makeup industry.

The Studio kabuki brush is compact, has a small black metal handle. The antibacterial dome shaped bristles are white and black and are made out of Taklon.

The brush is very dense and light weight, handy and easy to use. Perfect for carrying it in your handbag.

Thanks to its dense and soft bristles it picks and distributes powder products perfectly. It can be also used for liquid foundation but it gives the best result with powders. You can apply a wide range of makeup like mineral makeup, loose powdered, bronzer, blush or highlighter on the face, neck or other parts of the body. Really good to blend all over. Using this kabuki brush will give a sheer finish to set the makeup and the fact that is small and you can carry it with you, it makes the brush perfect for touch ups during the entire day.

Although the bristles are very dense, this brush doesn’t shed very much which is a big plus. Another big plus is the price, it’s very cheap compared to similar brushes. It’s cheap but has a great quality and professional design.

amaz buttonOne of the negative sides of this e.l.f. studio brush is the same as with practically all kabuki brushes: it’s a little hard to wash and hard to dry. But that’s normal. Another negative part of the brush is that it can only be purchased online.

2. The Best Kabukin Brush: Sigma F80 Flat Kabuki Brush

sigma kabuki brushEverybody knows that Sigma brushes have a very good quality and this brush in particular does not disappoint.

The Sigma F80 Flat Kabuki brush is a synthetic brush. It has a very good length, it’s very dense and has a flat head.

The bristles are a dark color with white tips. The handle is black and made out of wood, which gives it a very elegant and professional look.

But the look is not the most important thing when we are talking about brushes. The most important thing is what it does and how it feels. First of all the bristle on this kabuki brush are very soft and precisely the softness of the bristles and the density gives this brush the ability to create a flawless finish without streaks.

Some people even say that the skin looks airbrushed when you combine this brush with a very good foundation. It’s also very comfortable and precise on the skin because of its flat head.

This Sigma brush is specially made for buffed foundation application and it’s recommended for blending liquid or cream products onto flat areas of the face such as the forehead and cheeks. But that doesn’t mean you can use it just on the forehead and cheeks, it works best on these areas indeed but this brush can be used with no problem on the entire face and neck area.

The Sigma F80 is a very popular and loved brush in the make-up community.

So are there any negative sides of this amazing brush?

Unfortunately nothing is perfect. The negative sides of this brush are first of all the price, it’s a little bit expensive, but that’s normal in all Sigma brushes because let’s face it: most of the times if you want high quality and a high brand you must dig deeper in your pocket.

The second inconvenient is the fact that it sometimes shed. It’s a very dense brush and the shading is not very visible but the shedding might be unpleasant to some people.
And the third down side of the Sigma F80 brush is that sometimes it can be a little difficult to deep clean the brush.

amaz buttonBecause of the density of the bristles, the cleaning, especially the deep cleaning can get a bit complicated. You have to be gentile in order to avoid shedding but also firm enough for a good cleansing. Also the white tip of the bristles, won’t stay white forever no matter how much you wash it.

Comparing the two kabuki brushes

So which of this brushes is the best kabuki brush?

Well, both brushes are pretty amazing, they are practical, easy to use and not to mention a very good quality. Both brushes come from well-known prestigious brands and both are pretty popular.

They are both dense and soft and have the capacity to give a flawless skin, they don’t leave any marks and they both are comfortable on the skin. The bristles on both brushes are synthetic so they are animal cruelty free.

It’s true that the Sigma F80 is best used for liquid and creamy foundation while the Studio brush is more suited for powder. But the fact that the Studio brush works amazing with powder gives it more versatility because it can be used not only for foundation but with blush and bronzer too, which is a plus for the e.l.f. brush.

The Studio brush doesn’t work very well with liquid foundation which gives the Sigma F80 a plus if you prefer the liquid foundation.

The Studio brush is compact and can be carried around with you more easily.

The Sigma F80 is a bit more precise on the foundation application because of its shape.

The Studio brush doesn’t shed that much while the Sigma brush has some reported cases of intense shedding. But this might also depend on how well you take care of your brushes.

Both Brushes are hard to wash and hard to dry because of the dense bristles.

The Studio kabuki face brush is much cheaper than the Sigma F80 but the quality is pretty much the same.


So when it comes to the matter of choosing one of these two of the most amazing kabuki brushes on the market, I think that the Studio kabuki face brush from e.l.f. is the best deal. Why?

Both brushes are a little bit different and are best for different things but I would choose the Studio brush because its versatility, quality and the low price.

Although the perfect situation would be to apply your foundation with the Sigma F80 brush at home and use the Studio brush for finishing touches and touch ups during the day.