Best Airbrush Makeup Kit Reviews

Expensive Versus Cheap Airbrush Makeup Kits—Best Airbrush Makeup Kit Reviews

airbrush makeup 2Makeup artists typically use airbrush makeup for their clients. From high definition photo and video shoots to special events and occasion, airbrush makeup is the trend nowadays. And this is not just because of its popularity as to why many professional artists and even women are now raving about airbrush makeup. It has a lot of advantages over traditional makeup that women use. In terms of coverage, ease of use and lasting coverage, airbrush makeup reigns over traditional makeup. The only downside is the initial investment since airbrush makeup kits can be a bit pricey. But this does not mean that you cannot find a cheap or more affordable airbrush makeup kit, and once you have the compressor and gun, it’s just a matter of buying makeup refills.

Benefits of Using Airbrush Makeup

Before you decide to get your own airbrush makeup kit, you need to know the benefits or the advantages of owning one. One of the benefits of having an airbrush makeup kit is that you can use it whenever you want to have the best makeup. Whether it is just a regular day or a special event that you will be attending, there is no other kind of makeup that can top airbrush in terms of coverage. What makes airbrush makeup highly desirable among professional artists is that it can easily cover any imperfection. Even if you have acne on your skin or scars, you never have to worry since airbrush makeup is known for its superb coverage. You can even cover a tattoo with airbrush foundation. Another great benefit of using airbrush is that it can last for a really long time. Unlike traditional makeup that you need to retouch from time to time, airbrush makeup is completely different. Once it is finally on, it can last for hours. Depending on the brand, it may last for 12 hours or even more. On top of that, everyone just loves how fine and lightweight airbrush makeup feels even though it covers better than heavier foundations. One of the downsides of using traditional makeup is that if you want to completely cover any skin imperfection, you might end up having thick foundation coverage that can feel heavy on your skin. With airbrush makeup, it feels as if you are not wearing any makeup at all.

What to Get: Expensive or Cheap Airbrush Makeup?

When you search for an airbrush makeup kit, you can choose among a wide array of brands available. From cheap to high end products, sometimes it can be really difficult to choose. Going for the most expensive does not guarantee that you get the best airbrush makeup. If you know what you need, you can actually find an affordable airbrush makeup. But if you are working as a professional makeup artist, then you should definitely go for a kit that has complete tools and features. This is more likely to be expensive compared to an airbrush makeup kit for personal cosmetic use.

Red carpet glamour, Airbrush makeup systems reviewed.

airbrush makeup 1When you see celebrities and models with a flawless foundation application, giving a luminous, blemish free complexion, you’re probably looking at an airbrushed makeup job. You’re also probably a little envious – I know I am.

Once the sole ownership of professional makeup artists, nowadays regular Joes can replicate the red carpet glamour with home and salon use airbrush makeup kits. Yes, you pay a little more than a regular tube of foundation, but the results are infinitely higher quality, and longer lasting, plus you’ll turn more than a head or two.

We’re going to talk about 6 of the most popular airbrush makeup kits on the market, and explore what they’re all about, what they promise, what they deliver, and the expected prices etc.

First of all, you need to understand what you can expect from an airbrushed makeup application, i.e. what is it?

Well, basically using an airbrushed makeup system is a misted foundation, applied with a machine, which lasts longer, and looks less ‘caked’ than regular foundation applied with fingers, brushes and sponges. The level of coverage is built up to make it truly personal to your skin too, which means your complexion is owned entirely by you and not defined by a color on a bottle.

Top Airbrush Makeup Systems Reviews – Best Airbrush Makeup Brands:

There are actually several airbrush makeup brands to choose from. But here are some of the best, inexpensive brands:

Aeroblend Airbrush Makeup

aeroblend airbrush makeupOur first pick is the Aeroblend Airbrush Makeup. For those who are in search of an airbrush makeup that uses natural ingredients in their product formulation, this is the right product for you. Its product formulation contains natural ingredients like jojoba and lavender.

What people love about this brand is that it has a broad range of foundation shades depending on your skin tone. The product also features a soft focus pigment, which can help you achieve a perfectly flawless, no-makeup look. In addition, the foundation gives you a matte finish.

If you are looking for an airbrush makeup kit that is perfect for high definition settings, this is one of the best choices to have.

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Dinair PRO EDITION Airbrush Makeup Kit

dinair airbrush system reviewDinair is a huge name in the makeup world, so it’s understandable that this is one of the most popular products on the market. Basically, Dinair were one of the first to bring airbrushing into the industry, and has continued to do so for over 30 years, whilst also offering training and tutorials for budding makeup artists, and developing new products and kits.

The Dinair Airbrush Makeup System sells for around $180 on Amazon at the present time, which is one of the mid-range kits cost-wise, and is high on quality, with a one year warranty included as standard. If you’re a little worried about learning how to use the kit, which is perfectly understandable, then the accompanying DVD will allay those fears, and provide tuition on how to achieve flawless, waterproof and sweat-proof makeup application, which lasts for up to 24 hours, without the need for touch ups.

Application is quick and easy, taking around 2-3 minutes, and it dries on contact, so no mess, and no stains on blouses or tops etc. You simply chose the color to match your complexion the best, and follow the instructions. The results won’t look caked, and great coverage is achieved. This is also a good choice for those wanting to cover perceived imperfections, as well as acne scars, vitiligo, port wine, bruises etc. This is also silicone-free, paraban-free, and hypoallergenic.

So what’s included? Well the small air compressor comes with a varied sped control, 8 shades of foundation, plus moisturizer, travel bag, and cleaning solution. You also get practice sheets for those first few attempts, and the aforementioned instruction guide.

For anyone wanting an easy to use kit, with great results for either home or business use, this is a great choice, with a fantastic reputation.

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Temptu Airbrush Makeup System and Signature Starter Set

temptu airbrush makeup reviewKnown for its lasting power and good coverage, Temptu Airbrush Makeup blends easily into your skin to cover any imperfection and give you smooth coverage. Many professional makeup artists choose this brand since it has a lightweight formula. It does not feel heavy on the skin and it has lasting coverage that can last for several hours. On top of that, it is sweat resistant. So even if the weather is really hot and humid, you don’t have to worry since your makeup will not easily wear off. With its Silksphere Technology, you can have a flawless finish perfect for personal cosmetic use or even for video and photo shoots.

Again, we have another big industry name, and a slightly more expensive product, which despite the price tag, is huge on quality. At around $235 on Amazon, the Temptu System comes in a variety of shades, including fair, tan, deep, tan, light, medium, and light medium, proving there is a shade to match every complexion, with the opportunity to mix, to get the exact match for that natural coverage.

Like anything new, this will take some practice to use, but once you’ve mastered it, you’ll find building up coverage to suit your particular skin shade is easy and fast.

This is a comprehensive starter kit, which will give you all the tools you need to get started, including their particular range of foundations. The AIRpod foundation, AIRpod blush, and AIRpod highlighter are included, which allows you to build up coverage totally bespoke, and even when it’s all applied, you’ll find it feels light, blends easily, and feels almost like you’re wearing no makeup at all, yet will look completely the opposite! The natural look often takes time to master!

The AIRbrush and AIRpod are connected and foundation is applied to the skin by selecting the dial settings first, and then holding around 4-6 inches away from the face, applying at a downward angle slightly. The product is applied in circular motions, and you build up your particular shade gradually and lightly. Again, this dries very quickly to avoid mess and smudging.

With this particular system, you’re basically looking at magazine-style results very easily, and very fast, once you get the knack of it. There are other airbrush brands available, but these are three good quality yet inexpensive choices. You don’t have to spend a lot to have your own airbrush makeup kit.

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Luminess Air Heiress System

luminess airbrush makeup reviewAgain, the Luminess particular brand of airbrush makeup system is a mid-range priced product, but gives flawless application of makeup and easily reduces fine lines and wrinkles, as the product doesn’t cling to lines, or gather in dimples etc. I have this particular problem, as I have facial dimples naturally, and I sometimes find foundation clings to them, which look like lines when I’m not smiling. With airbrushing, this isn’t a problem.

The starter kits come in five different shades, so again, you need to find your particular shade before you buy. You’re looking at around $170 dollars, but this is an extremely easy to use piece of kit for both professionals, maybe freelance makeup artists, or for simply for use at home, for those who want to achieve those red carpet results for nights out etc.

It’s considerably smaller than some of the other kits on the market, which is ideal if you want to take it away on holiday, or simply for use on the go, especially if you’re freelancing etc. The continuous airflow means you use less makeup overall, which is more cost effective, as you’re not refilling your supplies constantly. This is also a quiet kit; in fact it claims to be around 70% quieter than the others in their particular range. It’s also quite nice to look at, with sparkly silver and pink outer shell.

Results-wise, you’re looking at fine, mist coverage, which you build up to your desired level, giving a flawless and perfectly blended look, without the need to touch it up every few hours, or having to keep rubbing in the seams.

For anyone who wants to use their makeup machine on the move, this is a wonderful investment, and well worth the money.

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Belloccio’s Complete Professional Airbrush Cosmetic Makeup System

belloccio Makeup SystemOne of the most popular choices is Bellocio Airbrush Makeup. This brand is made in the United States and is known to give you a lot of features that can be difficult to find in other airbrush makeup brands. The FDA approves all of the ingredients that are used in the product. Therefore you are guaranteed that the product has a safe formulation. Even for those who have sensitive skin, they don’t have to worry. Another great feature of this brand is that compared to others, it has a quiet compressor. It is not big and you can easily operate the tool. With the Bellocio Airbrush Makeup, you get an airbrush makeup kit that gives you flawless coverage. When you buy the kit, you also get other items like a moisturizer, blush, highlighter, bronzer and a user guide manual. This brand is perfect for those who have light skin tone.

The Belloccio Complete Professional Airbrush Cosmetic Makeup System, to give it its full name, is a little on the pricey side, but for quality you do have to pay. At its full price on Amazon, you’re looking at around $299 at marked price, but they do have sales, and at the time of writing this, it is on offer for around $119, so it can be grabbed as a bargain. Also do your research before buying as promotions sometimes mean bonus products are included for free, if you’re clever with when you buy.

Aside from the high quality, this is a particularly good gift, because it looks the part, in a brown storage bag, complete with bow.  For the technical part, the set comes with airbrush and compressor system, your particular chosen shade of foundation product, anti-aging moisturizing primer, user manual, and carry bag.

A quiet product, so you’re not going to sound like you’re digging the road up, the compressor has three control settings for airflow, allowing an ultra-fine mist of product to be easily applied to the face, with utter control. This results in flawless makeup, just like the celebrities in those magazines.

The products come in a variety of shades, including cocoa, latte, honey beige, and mocha, however it’s easy to mix them to create your own bespoke shade, perfect for your particular skin tone.

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Tickled Pink Airbrush Makeup Kit with Aloe-Based Foundations

Tickled Pink Airbrush MakeupFinally, we have the rather cutely named Tickled Pink product in our choice of airbrush makeup kits. For around $150 on Amazon, again mid-price range, you can achieve those aforementioned fantastically flawless makeup styles, but the major perk of this particular product is the aloe-based ingredients.

For anyone with slightly sensitive skin, you’ll know that aloe is a good choice for its soothing properties, so the ingredients of the Tickled Pink range are great for that. Packed with antioxidants, you’re treating your skin, as well as making it look great. Available in several shades, such as fair, medium, dark, and a combination pack of ivory, porcelain and beige, the set comes with 3.5 oz bottles of foundation, moisturizer and waterproof sealant, which is basically all you need product-wise.

A small and easy to use piece of kit, which comes with 12 months’ warranty as standard on the compressor part of the machinery, this can be used either at home or within a salon. For anyone doing mobile makeup artistry, this is lightweight too, which is perfect for transporting it without damage.

The on demand compressor provides perfect, flawless results with no air tank, which makes it very quiet to use. The three adjustable air pressures (low, medium, and high), make it easy to customize your application to your growing skills.

For the price, this is a powerful piece of kit in your makeup armory.

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In conclusion …

Everyone wants to obtain that celebrity or model makeup application, and nobody wants to be a slave to what they perceive as imperfections, such as scars, pimples etc. With one of these top of the line makeup airbrushing systems, it’s easy for the regular consumer to apply their foundation professionally, without having to rub in several layers to cover over and balance out complexions.

This is a little more of a costly exercise, when you compare it to the cost of a tube of foundation and a brush or set of sponges, however it’s easier to do, once you learn how, takes less time, and will more than pay for itself in the amount of product you use, which will probably be less, as it lasts longer throughout the day.

If you’re building up a freelancing business in makeup application, then these types of kit will be your staple, and perfect for wedding makeup etc. Make sure you go down the hygiene route particularly rigidly if this is your situation, as cleaning your equipment is hugely important in order to stop the transfer of bacteria. Go for an easily portable kit, with a range of foundation shades, and you’ll find this is a piece of kit that saves you money, and begins to make you quite the profit.

Whether you’re a professional, or a home user, simply follow any instructions in the kits before you go to town on your first makeup application, and be patient as you build up your skills. Once you get the hang of it, you’ll find it comes as second nature. Clean your equipment to stop build up and uneven spray, following all instructions pertinent to your particular kit, and make sure all parts are dried properly. Other than that, why shouldn’t you have that perfect Hollywood makeup job? Well, now you can!