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Airbrush Makeup VS Traditional Makeup: Pros and Cons

airbrush makeup vs traditional makeupEver since airbrush makeup was introduced, it has become widely popular among professional makeup artists. Across various industries, it is used for commercial photo shoots, videos, etc. With the benefits of using airbrush makeup, women have started to invest in having their own equipment. But before you get your own airbrush makeup, it helps to know how it differs from traditional makeup. When you read magazines or blogs, you will come across many experts that say airbrush makeup is miles away in terms of coverage as well as its other benefits compared to traditional makeup. What makes it different? How do these two kinds of makeup differ? Is airbrush a better choice than traditional makeup?

Know More About Airbrush Makeup

Airbrush makeup is quite different from traditional makeup since it uses certain tools like an airbrush gun and an air compressor. Airbrush foundation is also specially created and formulated for this purpose. Compared to traditional foundation, airbrush foundation is thinner. Depending on the brand, you will either get a water- or silicon-based airbrush foundation. To apply the makeup, you put the foundation in the container and it will pass through the airbrush gun. When you spray it on your face, it gives you a fine mist and coverage. When you spray it the right way, you will have good makeup coverage that is not heavy on the face. This is one of the reasons why airbrush makeup gives you much more flawless coverage. It can easily even out any imperfection on your skin. Unlike traditional makeup, which can be cakey on the skin, airbrush makeup gives you that fine, more natural finish.

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Dinair Airbrush Kit


Belloccio Airbrush Kit

3.Photo Finish

photo finish airbrush kit

Pros of Using Airbrush Makeup:

  • best airbrush makeupCoverage of airbrush makeup is long lasting; can last more than 12 hours
  • Do not have to do touch ups
  • Can give your skin a flawless look
  • Does not easily rub or wear off
  • Application is much easier and faster compared to traditional foundation
  • Gives you a lightweight feeling
  • Does not clog your pores

Cons of Airbrush Makeup:

  • Airbrush is much more expensive than traditional makeup
  • For elderly skin, might not be the best choice
  • Might be difficult to make changes or touch ups

How Does Airbrush Makeup Work? An In Depth Explanation

airbrush makeup kettModels gracing the covers of magazines and billboards have one thing in common. They all have flawless, perfect looking skin. But apart from the use of professional photo editing software used to make them look perfect, there is also a professional makeup artist working behind the scenes to create that flawless skin. What do these artists use to render such perfect looking skin? Many of them are using airbrush makeup. With the kind of natural, flawless finish that airbrush makeup can offer, many women are interested in investing and having their own airbrush makeup kit at home for personal use. So, what is airbrush makeup? How does it work?

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Benefits of Using Airbrush Makeup

Airbrush makeup has a lot of benefits compared to traditional makeup. Although it may cost more, it’s definitely worth every penny you will spend. It is just a matter of finding the right airbrush makeup kit. What are the different benefits that it can give you?

One of the advantages in using airbrush makeup is that it not only gives you good coverage, it can also last for quite a long time. Compared to traditional makeup, it can last up to 12 hours or even more. This explains why there are many professional makeup artists who prefer to use airbrush makeup for commercial projects and for special events. It does not easily rub off even if the weather is hot. In terms of coverage, airbrush makeup can cover any imperfection, even scars and tattoos. That is why airbrush makeup is used in digital photography and high definition shooting. On top of that, airbrush makeup does not feel heavy on the skin like many foundations. Airbrush makeup is lightweight while providing full, long-lasting coverage.

How Does It Work?

Using airbrush makeup is quite easy and fast compared to traditional makeup. You just have to get used to using the equipment. Here are detailed instructions for using your airbrush makeup:

Step 1-Before you can start applying foundation, you need to make sure the tools are complete. First off, you need to attach the airbrush to the compressor. Make sure that it is tightly attached to the compressor. You also have the option to use a moisture filter to preserve the foundation.

Step 2-Now you can start putting some drops of the foundation into the top feed of the cup. It is strongly recommended that you use 6 to 8 drops. This is just enough to have good coverage. Putting a lot will only make it difficult for you to clean after application and will be wasteful.

Step 3-To start applying the foundation, turn on the compressor. You can just choose your desired pressure. If you use a lot of pressure, it will spray more foundation, which can be a bit difficult to control. It is better to use low pressure so you have more control. To test if you have ample pressure, just press the trigger.

Step 4-Once you have pulled the trigger, place the spraying air near your face. Depending on the airbrush makeup kit that you are using, you can use the dual action feature to regulate the amount of foundation coming out. Make sure that you test it on the jawline first to see if the product matches the skin tone. Then, you can simply build makeup coverage until you are satisfied with the result.

Which Airbrush Brand to Purchase and Buying an Airbrush Makeup Kit

airbrush brandsUsing airbrush makeup have its learning curve and it’s not very easy. At first, it might appear to be difficult, but you will eventually get used to using the compressor. With the benefits that you can get, there is no reason why you should not get your own airbrush makeup kit. But choosing a particular brand can be quite overwhelming since there are so many great products available. It’s helpful to have a buying guide so you don’t end up paying for an expensive kit that you will not be totally satisfied with. A buying guide can help you purchase exactly the kind of airbrush makeup that suits your needs.

When buying an airbrush makeup kit, there are different brands to choose from. From affordable airbrush makeup kits to high end ones, you can simply choose which airbrush brand suits your needs and your skin type. Prior to making a purchase, it helps if you weigh your choices. For instance, not all airbrush brands can cater to a particular skin type. Do you have a medium complexion or an olive one? How about other skin tone? Make sure that you choose an airbrush brand that matches your skin type and skin tone perfectly. Aside from this consideration, you should also take a look at the product formulation. Airbrush makeup comes in water- or silicon-based foundation. In addition, you also have to look at the different ingredients used. This is essential, especially if you have really sensitive or acne-prone skin. You need to know if the product formulation is safe for your skin type. Last but not least, look at the complete features of the product. If you only need it for personal use, you do not need to purchase an airbrush makeup kit for professional artists, which is much more expensive.

Not all of the makeup kits you can find are for personal use. There are some airbrush makeup kits that are for professional makeup artists that can be more expensive. And if you are just using it for personal use, then there is no need for you to spend a lot. The next thing that you have to take into consideration is your skin type and your skin tone. Do you have light, medium or dark skin? Certain brands are known for creating airbrush foundation for light or medium skin while there are others that offer you greater flexibility. If you have really sensitive skin, then you have to be more careful. Make sure that you look at the different ingredients that are used in the product. This can help you weigh your choices. As much as possible, go for that product that does not contain harmful ingredients so that it will not clog your pores and cause breakouts.

To help you choose the best brand, it also helps to read reviews. Professional artists and those who have purchased the product will give their opinion. This information can be really useful for you to get to know about the different airbrush makeup kits that are being offered on the market and decide on the best one for you and your skin.

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Which One Is the Better Choice?

Given the pros and cons of both traditional and airbrush makeup, one can easily conclude that using airbrush makeup is the best choice. But in the end, your choice will depend on your preference. Airbrush foundation is the better choice in terms of lasting coverage and quality. If you use airbrush makeup, you can easily apply the makeup and have excellent coverage that can cover acne, scars and other skin imperfections giving you that flawless looking skin. The only thing with airbrush makeup is that it is quite expensive. You cannot use airbrush foundation without buying the complete set since you need the compressor and the airbrush gun. This is what makes it really expensive compared to traditional makeup. That is why airbrush makeup is often used for special occasions and events. If you are working on a budget, you might go for traditional foundation. On the other hand, if you really want to get good coverage, then you can invest in a kit and buy your own airbrush foundation to use anytime you need it.

What Is Traditional Makeup?

Artists refer to the usual makeup that they use as traditional makeup where you apply foundation using either your hand for application or other tools like a brush or sponge. Traditional makeup refers to the use of foundation like cream, powder or liquid foundation using the usual makeup tools. Traditional makeup has a thicker consistency, and it may take some time to complete the application, especially if you want to have full coverage on your skin.

Pros of Using Traditional Makeup:

  • traditional makeup 1Depending on foundation, can last up to 12 hours
  • Easily fix any problem if applied wrong
  • Coverage is buildable
  • Traditional makeup is much more affordable than airbrush makeup

Cons of Using Traditional Makeup:

  • Harder to conceal acne and other skin imperfections
  • With its thick coverage, feels heavy on skin
  • Coverage not long lasting compared to airbrush
  • If foundation not applied properly, makeup can look caked on

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Sigma Makeup Brush Set


Bdellium Tools Makeup Brush Set

3.Coastal Scents

Coastal Scents Makeup Brush Set

Understanding Different Makeup Brushes and Their Uses (Kabuki, Blush, Foundation, Powder, Concealer, Blending etc..)

makeup brushes 1Makeup can definitely do wonders for women. Not only does it enhance your entire look, it can also make you feel and look confident. In today’s world where it is very important that you look your best, investing in quality makeup products and tools is more of a need than a want. To achieve the kind of look that you want, it’s necessary to own makeup brushes. Using these tools makes it easy for you to apply any kind of makeup on your skin with ease.

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Knowing the Different Makeup Brushes:

When you look at the makeup kit of an artist, you might wonder why there are so many makeup brushes. From small to bigger ones, you often find yourself asking how and where these makeup brushes are used. Depending on what you need, there are various kinds of brushes. And for you to effectively use a particular brush intended for a certain purpose, it actually helps that you know the different types of makeup brushes and how they are used.

Foundation BrushThis is one of the most essential brushes you should have in your makeup kit. Are you having a hard time applying your foundation? Then the best way is to use your foundation brush. You can always use your hands to apply foundation, but if you want to avoid the messy application, you can always use a foundation brush. This is especially created to produce a streak-free application. It is perfect for liquid or cream foundations. For alternative use, you can also use a foundation brush for patting concealer under your eyes.

Kabuki Brush-This is one of the most popular types of brushes widely used not just by professional makeup artists, but many women. It is a big brush that enables you to distribute the product evenly on your face or even on your body. Kabuki brushes are perfect for applying your favorite blush, bronzer or powder.

Powder Brush-To put on your loose powder to complete your makeup routine, you need to use a powder brush. This type of brush has fluffy bristles that allow you to evenly apply loose powder on your skin. Apart from diffusing powders, it can also be used if you want to apply blush on your cheeks.

Concealer Brush-Putting on concealers is a typical part of any makeup routine. This is one of the ways for you to cover acne, scars and other kinds of skin imperfections. You can apply concealer using your hands, but this can be messy. For easy application, it is strongly recommended that you use a concealer brush. It is a small brush that allows you to put concealer in specific areas that need coverage. Aside from using it to cover imperfections, a concealer brush can also be used to clean messy lipstick.

Eyeshadow Brush-Applying eyeshadow is easy, but if you want to have the right blend and if you want to achieve a certain eye look, you should definitely use an eyeshadow brush. This is the brush that you need to use to apply your favorite eyeshadow. Whether you are using a powder or cream eyeshadow, you can easily apply it using the eyeshadow brush, which is quite a bit smaller than a foundation or powder brush so you can be more precise in a smaller space.

Smudger Brush-Another popular brush that you can use when applying your eyeshadow is the smudger brush. This brush is used to soften the eyeliner. If you want to achieve a smoky, sexy look, this is the brush that you need to use.

Brow Comb/Brush-Styling your eyebrows can accentuate and complete your eyes. Having nice, well-groomed eyebrows can definitely make you look younger and more attractive. To apply any brow makeup, you need to use a brow comb and brush. This type of brush is needed to groom your lashes and brows. Aside from eyebrows, you can also use it for gently smudging the eyeliner for a softer look.

Contour Brush-Contouring your face using makeup can be a bit difficult. Before, only makeup artists would do it, but now everyone who is interested and who wants to learn can do contouring thanks to available makeup tools. It’s difficult to contour your face with just any brush. It’s best if you buy a contour brush that is created for this purpose. If you want to contour your cheek, then you need more than just a simple brush.

Angled Brush-Have you ever wondered how models get those sexy, gorgeous looking eyes? Apart from using eyeliner to highlight their eyes and the right color combination of eyeshadows, they make use of an angled brush when they apply eyeliner. The angled brush is perfect if you are using cream eyeliner. This enables you to create the kind of look you want with more precision. For instance, if you want to have a winged eyeliner look, this is the tool that you need to use since you can easily create an angle using this specific brush.

Lip Brush-Applying lipstick or any lip color on your face is now made easier using a lip brush. Some may opt to directly apply their lipstick using the product itself. But if you want to make sure that everything is covered and that you have applied the lip product the right way, it is strongly recommended that you use a lip brush. This is also important for sanitation purposes, especially if there are many people using your lipstick. By using a lip brush, it is much easier for you to put on any lip color.

Buying Your Own Makeup Brush Set

These are just some of the most commonly used makeup brushes. Depending on your needs, there are certain brushes created for specific uses and purposes. By using makeup brushes, you can achieve the kind of look that you want without any difficulty. That is why for women, it is best to have your own makeup brush set.

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